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[New Feature] Grouping and Aggregating Data

count is still showing last month.

no blank shipping cost.

Try narrow the range so there are no missing months in the selection?
Try “skip empty groups”?

Edit - Try copying the data source expression, paste it as the data source for a repeating group, and see what rows you get.

just tried repeating group and it only shows August 1,2016 12:00 AM. It’s not even showing only the month of august 2018 (without a date) like in the original post.

That formatting is a feature of the graph, in the RG it just shows the date so that bit is okay.

So either the group by is doing something weird, or the search isn’t returning what you expect. Try in the RG remove the group by, and check your search results?

repeating without group by is returning normal It lists all records.

I just submitted a bug report.

It works now for whatever reason, maybe it was a glitch in the system yesterday.

My next question is if there’s a way to create a chart with multiple grouping? I don’t see a way to add more label / series…

any thought?


How can I show the month in text. Instead of seeing 8 I see August?


this is not working for me, i can get the category part working but when i got to expression it wont let me. i have to do extract first and its only showing 1 of everything, can you please advise.

Can we do anything with Type of Grouping per year instead of month?

You can group by month with interval set to 12 so that there are 12 months per group, making each group = 1 year.


Thanks a million

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Is it possible to run an API workflow on a list of groupings? I can’t seem to find the “List of Groupings” option in the “Type of things” dropdown

Interesting. I don’t think you can. Bubble would need to retain each Group’s structure to pass through to the API endpoint (the grouping setup, aggregations, etc). I could be wrong. This would be great though…

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Thanks! Found a work-around - I’m doing the grouping in the API action workflow itself instead of passing the grouping result through the API as an argument

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Did you ever get an answer or figure out how to group by a yes/no field?

Any news on grouping by yes/no fields?

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@josh @neerja Will we eventually be able to group by yes/no fields?

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I have a few relatively complex charts to make that rely on a JSON-based external dataset. I’d like to group by one of the fields in the object, but leave another as a list. When I try to group by one of the fields without any aggregations, I can only use the aggregated field for the data set of a chart or RG, and when I use the aggregation I lose the granularity of the individual data.

Is this possible? Does anyone have any tips?

I’m a little late to the party here, but this is :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: Awesome!!

Hello! I’m Bubble Developer from Japan! I usually study English little by little, but this time it was a little difficult, so I used the translation.

*What I want to do
I want to display a chart in circles using a donut chart.

I don’t know how to import the data, I’ve read the documentation, but it’s 10,000 words! Besides, I don’t even understand Japanese, lol.

*What I want
How do you use “Chart Elements” as you interpret it?
Also, I made a screen using this Plugin for implementation! (I’d appreciate it if you could give me access to the admin screen.)

I usually write in English, but this time it was difficult to do with numbers, dear Bubble partners!

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