[New Feature] Magic login link workflow action

@mike8 @nick.carroll @governess.simpson

Hi there, just had a very interesting bug and also found a fix with the following flow:

  1. Button in front-end triggering a backend workflow through the API connector

  2. Creating the magic link in the backend workflow as “don’t send email, create link only” and returning the data through the “Return data” workflow action

  3. Opening the link returned from the API call “Result of step …” with a “Open external link”

For some reason, the link was successfully generated, but opening the link resulted in absolutely no effect.
It opened the right page (the success page), without logging the user or showing any error message. Same behaviour on another browser, or if a user was already logged in.
Opening the link multiple times also resulted in no expired error message.

I found that the generated link was https://myapp.bubbleapps.io/version-live/api... and changed it to its set domain name and removed the version path (https://myapp.com/api...) worked well.

So if you’re experiencing this @ZubairLK you can try a “Find and replace” action on the generated URL.