[New Feature] Magic login link workflow action

Hi all,

I wanted to jump in to address some of the broader points made about engagement between the Bubble team and the forum community.

First off, I ask that we please refrain from making more personal attacks targeting specific members of the team. I understand emotions can run high and users are passionate about the product, but these kinds of statements are not constructive. We hope everybody can at least agree that our incentives are aligned - we want the product to improve and better serve our users! Members of the Bubble team are juggling a lot of different pieces of work, but we all care about our users. We really appreciate the constructive feedback in this thread - a lot of great points which we’re noting!

Second, I want to address the point of user research and listening to our users. We are very much driven by user feedback! In the last few months alone, we have sent out more surveys of all shapes and sizes and requests for user research videochats than ever before. Although we have to make tough calls about product strategy and roadmap prioritization, it is heavily influenced by user feedback at different levels. This is not as apparent to forum readers, but we do treat the forum as a rich source of feedback - we often run searches through the years of threads to learn more about how users are feeling about certain topics. We combine this with other sources of feedback we get, e.g. the Ideaboard and emails to support@bubble.io, and reach out with surveys and the like when we have more targeted questions.

Third, there is the Ideaboard. Yes, the Ideaboard helps the team because it’s an organized way to collect user feedback. But, we believe it also helps the community because it allows all Bubble users to vote on the ideas and to have all ideas be considered on equal footing, rather than based on activity level in the forum. Internally, PMs are reviewing all new Ideaboard submissions, and using an internal tool we built to connect it with other pieces of feedback we’ve gotten on the same idea. This path of rigorous organization of qualitative data is so useful for us that we’re investing further in improvements to both our internal tool and the public-facing Ideaboard. We’re speccing out the changes we want to see, and will begin implementing soon. We know we can do a better job with the Ideaboard, e.g. communicating the status of ones that are in progress, which we’re incorporating into our current planning.

And finally, there’s engagement with threads like these. We acknowledge and own up to the fact that it’s not great that there was a delay in responding to the initial questions. We’ll devote more energy towards responding to announcement threads that we start going forward!

It’s definitely true that Bubble is going through a period of growth and that there are many things we’d like to improve all across the company. Thanks to everyone here for their patience and for their engagement with the product and the community. We care a lot about our users and promise that we’re working hard to improve ourselves and the product, though not all of it is always visible to the public! And we look forward to reading any other constructive feedback you have on this thread or others.


Thanks Allen, solid response! :mechanical_arm:


I’ve always had great support from the Bubble team.

I post on the forum expecting responses from the Community - if I want help directly from Bubble then I email support directly…always had great help there.

Totally understand that being receptive of feedback and being led entirely by feedback are two different things. Bubble have many things to juggle include their own long term strategy, resources available, customer wishlists and general running of a company.

In the end, you can either spend your time focusing on negative things and writing long winded posts railing about the your perceived failings of people who are doing things in an arena you’ll never be qualified to enter…or you can roll up your sleeves, stop making excuses and make the most of the resources in front of you.

I’m certainly grateful of where Bubble has taken me in less than 12 months.


@boston85719 @equibodyapp I just added this to the ideaboard. Upvote it so we can get this done! :blush:

Allow for dynamic expiration date with Magic Link


Hi @nick.carroll, just wondering if the time window for the magic link feature is now expanded beyond an hour, thanks.

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Without the ability to send data or URL parameters, this feature is extremely limited.

I wouldnt say “extremly limited”, if would say “not expandable”.

When your users connect using their email and password, you don’t provide anything else to the connect workflow. Same thing here, the magic link is an abstraction of the email+password screen, and for both the result is the same : navigate to… , or set à state, or do something.

So, using magic link, navigate the user to à page where, there, you’ll apply a workflow to perform an action or to send the user to another page with same url param.

When logging a user in via the “log a user in” action, you have the opportunity to “go to page” and send data, parameters, etc. With a magic link, there is no option to commit a specific action based on if the user arrived via a magic link or not. To achieve the desired goal, one would have to create a new page that would then redirect based on specific user data, which is still limited still you can’t be ultra specific for special use-cases.

So, you ca’ maybe send the user using the magic link to a “pseudo” page, an empty page containing only à wirkflow “user is log in” and sending thé user to the “manual login” destination page ?

Again - this is a poorly designed feature. At this stage of development, Bubble needs to create their features with broader scopes in mind. Hacking up new pages in the app for redirects as a workaround, which doesn’t offer up the proper usability anyway, is not the solution.

This is seen again and again:

  • Option sets have no efficient management system or bulk load/edit.
  • Group focus issues in RG
  • The use case above
  • Style sheets for elements such as multi-dropdown.
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For all of that, there is… Code…

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For those wanting to create workflows for new users without needing to creat a new page, simply add a new yes/no data-type to the user that checks if they are brand new. If true then do the action you want. No need for specific urls or any of that jazz.


This functionality is currently being worked on and will be out shortly, thanks!


Aw dang, just realized that the Magic link only works if the user account already exists, ie, Magic Link does not work for password-less logins for new users:

Any chance you guys are developing passwordless logins?

just do a create account for someone else before sending magic link…


Love it!

Would love to extend this time frame. I am using the magic link to work around the confirm email process. I’m missing signups and people are giving up on getting logged in for the first time. The confirm email is a huge pain point for me.


Hey everyone,

Happy Wednesday! We have added new functionality to the magic login link action that allows you to specify how long the login link is valid (between 0 and 24 hours). You are also able to send data to the page a user is sent to on both success and failure, as well as when 2-Factor Authentication is turned on. This is in response to the great feedback we got on the initial release of the feature, and we’re excited to bring you these updates! More information can be found in the documentation here.

Note: In the previous version, the “Navigate on Login” option was optional, and an email was sent that referred users to a 404 page. Now, this field (as well as “Navigate on Failure”) is required; no email will be sent out if either/both field(s) are empty.



It would be awesome to have a login code intead of link, like a checkbox:
Just create code, don't send email

For the users that are logging in in the PWA and enter the code :grinning: :computer:

Hey @governess.simpson :wave:

It seems that this update broke current magic link logins. I haven’t updated my apps yet but now all my magic links are broken. Was this supposed to be a breaking change? Because it actually broke my live apps. :cry: