[New Feature] Modify data via CSV upload (Editor)


We added a new data administration feature to help you with maintaining your data. You can already upload data as CSV from the editor, and you can now modify data. You can find a MODIFY button in the App Data section of the Data Tab to do this.

The file you upload should contain one column with the ID of the thing you want to modify. Then values in other columns will be applied to each thing, and they should be formatted as you do with upload CSV.

One important thing to note is the box ‘Overwrite data when the field value is empty’. If this box is checked, empty values will be overwritten by an empty one if the cell is empty, while if you don’t check the box these cells will be ignored (in case of issues, keep in mind Bubble offers version control on data to recover from mistakes :slight_smile: )


Bubble FTW! :). Was previously doing all major updates with custom code + Data API.

This is HUGE!! Thank you @emmanuel

Very useful. I swear every time a new update comes in it makes my day. Thanks.

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YES!! Timesaver!

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Awsome! Especially when testing!!

A most welcome feature!

Exactly what I need! Perfect!

Is it possible for the upload to check other field for uniqueness (instead of and ID) like e-mail or URL?


@emmanuel Very helpful! This directly solves one of the pain points I have.

An issue I’ve noticed with the bulk upload (predating this new feature), is a conflict when a mapped data field has a text mismatch. (Only asking for a fix if easy, but otherwise general FYI to others).

For instance, let’s say I have a mapped field, which relates to the table “Product Type” In the database, I have the entries Apples, Oranges, Pineapples, etc.

If my CSV had an item that was improperly written as Apple, (not plural, Apples) the whole upload is stalled.

If there was an option box that let you ignore failures and generated a list of rows with failures post upload, I would greatly appreciate it. (Otherwise, I have to close out the uploader, fix the data set, re-map the fields, etc). Mainly tedious when I’m uploading a dataset with many mapped fields.


Awesome thanks!

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How can I set a field as the unique id while importing for the first time? So if I import more data, I don’t get a copy of the same data

The ID has to be generated by Bubble, for the first import it will be automatically generated by the database.

Feature request, hope in the future we can define custom ids to avoid importing duplicate data. Example: data feeds


I am using the Modify data via CSV feature & getting an error message during “Validate Data” step which reads: “There was an error analyzing your data: Undefined”. What does “Undefined” mean?

I am uploading data in that I download and modified two text fields. All I have in the upload are those two text fields and the Unique ID field. Any help would be appreciated.

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Can you file a bug report with the actual app and file so that we can look into it?


Is the bug still outstanding? I’m hitting the same issue. If it’s been resolved its reason for us to upgrade.

This was fixed on main for the user. Please submit a bug report with a test csv and field map if you are still hitting the error.

I just did a Modify with these settings:

I thought it was only going to modify the ‘Sender Organization’ field, but it erased all of my other fields. Is that because I checked the ‘Overwrite data when the field value is empty’ box?

UPDATE: The answer is yes. I restored the earlier version of the data type and then did the Modify without the checkbox. Problem solved.

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I must have missed something but how exactly do I get these unique ids? My application doesn’t show any in the data tab. Although you mention that it’s auto generated by bubble on the first import. As far as I can tell my first import did not auto-gen these IDs. So I’m currently unable to use the modify-by-csv feature…