[New Feature] Modify data via CSV upload (Editor)

Hi @zelus_pudding,

Every thing that is created in the bubble database has a unique id automatically. By default they are not shown in the data view, but you can easily add them. Goto the Data tab on the left of the editor, and then choose the App Data tab. To edit a data view, click the pencil of the thing you’d like to modify, and then select all the fields you’d like in this display – including the Unique id. You can have several different displays with different columns and constraints.


That’s what I forgot! Excellent, thank you!

Is it possible to do a CSV upload to edit a database and instead of using the unique ID, use another field which has a unique value for each entry, e.g. a users email address?

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Hi, I tried the new feature yesterday, but I had an issue. I clicked on the button “Validate” and the “please wait” message was displayed more than a minute just to change the profil of a user. My file had just one line. User unique ID and Profil unique ID seperated by ;
The modification hasn’t been done and the button “Validate” was stuck.
Do we have only this feature to modify data now ? Can we still do it directly with a form as before? It was very useful for a single field.


This looks very useful, but shouldn’t the Export button also export the ID column that we need for the Modify?