[New Feature] Multi-language support improvements

Not really, because for performance reasons we only load one language on page load (otherwise it’d be very slow)

Thank you for a quick reply.

Google explicitly warns against using the language as a parameter in the url (https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/182192?hl=en).

@Bubble should have a better way to implement multilanguage sites


thanks for the warning. If anyone has a way to set locale trough mywebsite.com/fr/other-page-url I’m down :slight_smile: !

Thanks for the info. I found this little jewel on their page.


It’s not exactly that, but, I’ve got something working. I’m hoping brighter minds can iterate on this. It looks like: mywebsite.com is available for purchase - Sedo.com


I think this plug-in might be more suited for this use: https://bubble.io/plugin/sudsy-page-1551900316693x963780318009229300