[New Feature] Multi sorting

We just added something quite useful for users whose apps are very data intensive.

You can now sort lists on more than one field. For instance, by name first, and them if the name is the same, by first name, etc. the way it works is that in the search palette, you’ll see a button ‘Add another field’ and you’ll define more rules there.

Happy sorting!


This is very useful!
Thanks for this update!

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Thanks goodness!

Sounds great!


I wish my users could sort a table according to different fields : Field 1, Field 2 or Field 3, etc. Pretty much like the Excel-like HandsomeTable plugin.

I know I could change the “Data Source” but I already filter the data according to another parameter. So for 5 different sorting ways I would get 10 different “Data source” conditions…

@emmanuel, if we could dynamically change the priority of each sorting condition with an optional field, it would make this possible.

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@emmanuel – this is awesome, thanks!

Quick question on this: Is it possible to sort based on a ratio of two fields (within the same thing)?

For example, field A divided by field B = ratio C… And then sort a repeating group based on the value of ratio C?


This isn’t something we currently support.

@emmanuel no problem thanks for the quick reply!