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[New Feature] Multiselect dropdown & tags

This isn’t a complete solution but give this video by Gregory John at Buildcamp a look:
HTML Chips & Tags
It’s something I’m interested in trying once I get the ability to pre-load chosen items (having a bit of trouble with the logic at the moment).

You might be able to create a datatype for your tags that includes a Foreground and Background color fields (and maybe even an icon) associated with each tag entry. Then use the solution G.John demonstrates to dynamically apply the colors to the tag. It’s just a guess but might be worth a try.

Hi All.

I want to perform some actions when user changes value of multi dropdown. I did “Add workflow” for the element, and now I have a workflow that gets triggered when the value of multi-dropdown is changed. However, I can’t access which element was added/deleted.

Is it possible to access before/after here?

Not using the dropdown directly.
You will need to store the value of dropdown before and compare this state with the current value of dropdown.
Or use Selectize dropdown plugin :wink:

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Thanks @Jici. That’s what I am doing now. Using old and new state.

Thanks for the reference of Selectize plugin. I went through the plugin page but it was not mentioned anywhere that we can access before/after over there. Maybe you should write about full plugin capabilities over there?

Also, one question on it: Is there an option to not let the height of the dropdown increase when more options are selected? Currently when I select more than 3-4 options, the box height keeps increasing as more options are selected. Many a times when many are selected, it starts looking ugly. There is a need to have it remain fixed height even if it means that it won’t show all selected options. It can show as (+n) and all those rest can be shown on clicking that +n.

Hi @mghatiya
There’s a state actually for last value added and the next version will also have last value removed (requested from another user this week).

You also have access to editor to see all plugin capabilities.

And the natural behavior of all multidropdown is to show all items selected. I guess you could do something different using a RG in this case

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I’m wondering how to change this dropdown background color and font color. Also, how can i limit characters per tag (when it’s User input)?

I even made separate thread about it with screenshots:

Will you be able to take a look @emmanuel ?

Maybe you can take a look at problem above @romanmg ?

By the way, i know this plugin only thanks to your YouTube video! I am having the same issue. Did you find a workaround?

Hi Tom. I use the multi-dropdown in forms and have managed to work around the issue by placing an “only when” “multi dropdown field’s value: count > 0” condition on the submit button. Hope that helps.


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Thanks a lot for the tip!

I have the same issue.
Didn’t you find any solution yet?

Hi I was searching for a plugin like this thank you, but I encounter a problem when I want to create a new entry and add the selected dropdown choices. If anyone can help I highly appreciate it :wink:

Are both list the same type? (Dropdown value need to be set as the same type that your protocol’s chains field)

Yes did it thank you

So confusing when a 2016 post has [New Feature] in the title. Can we change this, mods? @bubble


Hi all - I wondered if there is an easy way to select all the items in the multi-dropdown select? I have a dropdown for all the US states, and it’s tedious to have to select them all one by one. Is there an easy way to have all the options selected in one go?

Can’t you select one chip and click “Ctrl+A”?

Doesn’t allow me to do that unfortunately… any other ideas?

@emmanuel is there a way to lock or set a limit to these components’ height so that the option box doesn’t expand the list/page its on for miles? We have a use case where we’re using these components inside an RG of potentially hundreds of rows of single line text. If each row’s Multiselect Dropdown has 2+ options selected, this expands the size of the page by multiples very quickly making for wasted screen real estate.

Whenever I’ve got a custom element that doesn’t play nice responsively, I will just set it to 100% but then put it into a group and set the dimensions of the group to whatever I want. This is usually the easiest way where the custom element lacks the responsive controls you’re looking for

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