[New Feature] Natural Language Input in Server Logs

Hi All,

We’ve just rolled out a new feature to the server logs tab – the start date input now accepts natural language for an input date. See the following screenshot for an example:

The date we’ve interpreted the input as will display in small text below the input box. However, if we’re unable to interpret the inputted date, we display a message indicating so and disable search:

And of course, you’re free to put in a standard date format if you’d like. If you notice issues or have suggestions for the logs tab, certainly let us know.



Nice :metal:

Thanks @nickhil for this addition.

It will be great if such a feature will find its way into the bubble editor.
I know chrono.js has these features (and you may likely be using that).

Also can you please please please (:heart_eyes:) make moment and moment-timezone available to plugin developers just like you have the jquery (a checkbox to include moment in the plugin).
There are multiple plugins loading moments and moment-timezone which all lead to slow initial page load times.
While one could conditionally load the moment library based on whether is available in the window, it can lead to some issues. Different plugins may be using different versions of moment.

Back to the topic, can you provide a guide as the the kind of “natural language” one can input into the date field?

Thanks again.

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