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[New Feature] New action: changing a users' login email

We just released a new action under the “Account” heading, “Change the login email for another user”.

This is to enable administrative workflows where you need to change the email for a user who isn’t currently logged in and using the app. In general, it’s better to let the user change their own email via the “Update Credentials” action, but this is useful for situations where you are, say, migrating users over from another system and want to update their emails without them taking a manual action.

More information here:


Awesome, this is a very helpful new feature!

(Note to others: I had to refresh Bubble to see the option).


Great feature, thank you!

Is there a plan to do something similar for the password to be give the app admin the ability to define (or at least, reset), user passwords?

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That’s great for users connected with Facebook without an email. Thank you !

We have an “Assign a temp password to a user” action that generates and returns a new password for them… does that do what you’re looking for?