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[New Feature] One-time payment model for premium plugins

An example… So I currently subscribe to one of your plug-ins. Over the past 3 or 4 months since I’ve had it you’ve continually updated the plug-in… Making changes, fixing bugs and adding features. With these updates, bug fixes and feature additions be applied if for example I had purchased it as a perpetual license… If this is the case with the supply continually moving forward or with their be an expiration date on updates and enhancements?

@Bubbleboy - even with perpetual license we’d be looking to more sales/installs of our plugins thus would still be motivated to update them and fix bugs. Also, since we now have both options I guess there will be users on the subscription model which would also incentivize it to keep improving the plugins. Again, we are experimenting with the one time payment, I’ll be able to give more insights after couple of months or so

@patricia we try to mention the browser limitations where applicable, but yes, I know a case where we didn’t, sorry about that, we’ll fix it.


Smart model! Plug-Ins are not Applications, it usually doesn’t make sense for a client to pay monthly for lots of plugins for EVER.

And it doesn’t make sense to pay big for a prepetual liscence either, its still a plug-in.

So i think the strategy for Plug-in builders should be Volume, not Price:

Building Plug-ins that solves a specific problem that most Bubble apps have.

For more complicated Special-Situation Plug-In with less potential users, premium price is ok.

Thanks for all the Plug-ins


This is fantastic news!

In regards to updates for fixed-price products. Just look at any of the Envato sites (e.g. ThemeForest) for how updates and support could work.

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Great addition. From a consumer perspective, love one time purchase. As a business owner, bleh.

For plugin makers, maybe have different versions of your plugin. Redactor, by Imperavi, did this for years. Redactor 1 was like $250, we bought a “perpetual” license with the understanding bugs would be fixed but the features were “you get what you buy”. Redactor 2 came out, was also $250, we bought a NEW license - Brand new features and still the understanding bugs would be fixed.

It’s old school mentality and may not fit with this environment since the sand is constantly shifting under their feet. Just my two cents.

Great improvement guys. Keep it up


@emmanuel we have a question from a user

If I purchase this plugin, and create multiple sub-apps, do I have to buy the plugin for each app, or does 1 purchase cover my sub-apps?

can you please advise what’s the answer to this? I believe the license should cover the sub-apps, but wanted to double check with you…


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just to add another quick question @emmanuel if we have a plug-in on a subscription plan and wish to upgrade or change to a one-off payment is there any way we can do this without the need to remove the subscription plug-in and then apply the one-off payment plug-in… It just saves a bit of time re-establishing workflows except if we could somehow make one-off payment.

It’s one plugin - one app. So if there are sub apps, since it’s a different app, the plugin should be acquired or subscribed. It’s the same logic as subscription-based plugins.

The way you do it is you unsubscribe to the plugin and then acquire it. When unsubscribing, you don’t need to change your workflows, you just click in the button in the Plugins Tab.

So in other words, it’s literally 2 clicks. One to unsubscribe, one to acquire, no change to the workflows.

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Would be nice in the future to have the option to buy a per app license or an unlimited app license.


totally agree, I feel like paying for each app is too much and can add up fast, especially if you are planning on using bubble for more than one project.

Is there a way to change from subscription model to buying outright? It’s not clear. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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@kenlaji do you mean when you have already subscribed to a plugin or that you’ve developed a plugin and want to change the model?

No - having subscribed as a consumer, changing to buying the plugin - it could be how one tests the plugin, in the absence of a facility to do that currently…

@kenlaji you can unsubscribe and then buy the plugin with one-time option.
Fortunately bubble recognizes it is the same plugin so it fixes the workflow steps after reinstalling the plugin


Ah thank you - that’s very good :slight_smile:

@Emmanuel what about a situation where someone purchases a one-time license for a plugin for their app, but then clones their app to pursue a pivot.

They will need the plugin they bought in app v1 for app v2. Is it possible to transfer the plugin to the new app? The license was already purchased, the app is a continuation of the first. Are you able to assist in this? I’m in this conundrum right now and would prefer not to repay for the plugin that I already purchased, and not be punished for pivoting in this manner.

Can @eve or someone else at bubble help clarify.

Hey @marktuff! Please email us at [email protected] so that we can review the case and see how we can assist.

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Thanks @eve, I did right after posting this thread! Glad to know I did the right thing.

Looking forward to connecting with Bubble support.

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