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[New Feature] Opening the Element Plugin builder to everyone


Hi @emmanuel,

I’m building an image cropping element, which takes an image and allows the end user to crop it before uploading.

One feature I’d like it to be able to do is to load an image from one stored Bubble’s database. I can retrieve the image url from an image field, but I get a CORS error when the plugin tries to read the image data.

XMLHttpRequest cannot load No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin '' is therefore not allowed access.

Is there some access to the app that you can grant on the server side?

We’d need a bug report to look into this.

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Hi Scott,

??? Free custom javascript? What’s the catch? Do I have to give you my first born?

Maybe. Can the kid do any tricks?

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Maybe this ?

Does mowing the lawn in woefully crooked lines count?

@gaurav Great minds think alike. I’ve been working on copy-to-clipboard for a current app. I’ll post here once it’s done.


Are the lines funny?

Only after a few beers Scott… Only after a few beers.

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If this offer still stands (even paid), I’d really like a CloudConvert plugin :D.

I’m curious… would this new capability allow for the adding of js or css libraries? For instance could we add/load like material design, bootstrap, or even some animation library to control the design of elements?

You can think of the element plugin as a HTML element with added functions for reading properties, exposing values and raising events. Bubble elements remain outside the container.

So for adding js / css, yes easily for any HTML added inside the element. But for altering Bubble elements, you’d have to do similar tricks of walking the DOM to find them, adding classes, and competing with Bubble’s responsive engine.

The answer: if you can do it in a HTML element, then you can do it in the plugin element.


That helps, thanks for the answer.

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Please can anybody share a simple example how to draw a simple geometry e.g. rectangle? It helps me a lot to understand.

Thanks in advance

There was mention earlier in the thread of enabling payments for plugins @emmanuel - does anyone know if there is there any progress with this?

I can see that plugin developers can now setup their Stripe details, but it does not look as though the Plugin ‘store’ is yet setup for it… is that correct?


It’s not there yet but on the list…

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@edwardbutcher i noted in one of your earlier posts you were working on a amCharts plugin. I would pay for this and I feel those people who are developing and maintaining these plugins should be paid. I thought there was already a premium paid option when i saw this

hey @Bubbleboy yes that’s right! Originally needed it for my own project but ended up building a more comprehensive tool.

It would be fair to say I underestimated the workload of that 20x :-)… and fairly early on I realised that a free & premium model would be the only way that I could possibly justify what I was doing. Codurly and CoBubble are currently managing this through a separate Bubble App and a Private license for the plugin (I think anyway).

Based on @emmanuel comment above I will be waiting for Bubble to enable simple payments for Plugins before I get mine out there though.

Edward then you can count on me to be one of the first customers. If any reason things change and you follow the path of Codurly and CoBubble … Just let me know.