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[New Feature] Option sets

I’m certain using option sets would be much faster. Yes they download each time, but thousands of options are still only tiny bits of text, likely smaller than most basic images. And they are immediately available, which is always better than slow loading lists.

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I’m concern about basic smartphones, with short RAM, downloading a lot of option sets…


You can use many websites to test the size and loading speed of your page. Pingdom is one of those. So is the chrome browser. It will give you the info you are looking for. But again, i wouldn’t worry!

As far as I know, Pingdom only tells you how fast a page is loaded. It doesn’t tell you anything about the amount of data a page downloads to the client’s browser.

Yes, I could test it using Chrome’s developer tools, but I was hoping someone at Bubble (hello @eve) could resolve our questions, before we put a lot of time and effort migrating our existing solutions to using Options sets (especially not having the possibility to upload options sets using CSV files), only to find out that basic smartphones can’t handle many options sets.

@cal sure would be nice if we could search for Option Sets in the app search tool. You can get at them in a restricted way by searching messages, but that doesn’t give you a complete view…what do you think?

@cal, I’m loving this feature! Can we add option sets to the Searchbox element as things we can search? Right now, Searchbox will only let you search your data types.

Use case: Option set for “Brand” for online clothing store. Dozens of options with brand names. Being able to search the brand options with the searchbox element would be super helpful.


@cal Does the “random item” feature work on the list? I tried it and it keeps returning only the first item of the list every time.

Is there any plan to make pages have option sets as their “type”?

Hi @cal, I can add an attribute to an option set that is a link to itself with no issue. However, if I attempt to make an attribute that is a list of the same option set the editor will go into Saving and never come out of it.

Is this expected behavior?

First off, let me say that this enumeration-like feature is really great! Thank you! However…

Having been away from Bubble for several weeks, I stumbled upon this feature in the Data tab of my app. I was disappointed when a “See reference” link to the official docs did not appear (as it does for other features throughout the Bubble back end). I therefore proceeded to navigate directly to the the official Bubble Reference and perform a search for “option set”. Nothing. Then I proceeded to do the same for the official Bubble Manual. Again, nothing. I couldn’t find a single word about this feature! Then it occurred to me to search the forums. Sure enough, I found this post.

FWIW, all the time and effort that @cal put into this forum post would, IMO, have been much better spent updating the official docs. Then, a simple announcement in the forum with a link to the official docs would have sufficed. The ensuing forum discussion could then have helped clarify and refine the docs.

The other benefit is that a link to the official docs could have been provided directly in the Data tab where this feature resides (and where one would expect to see it), making it easy for newcomers to get up to speed without squandering time.

PLEASE don’t use the forum as a replacement for official documentation! Or if the forum IS the official documentation, then please provide a link from the UI directly to the relevant post. Thanks!!! :slightly_smiling_face:


What are you taking about? I was born on a Blarfsday! :crazy_face:

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Ha! You beat me to the punch! I didn’t see your post until after I posted mine. (That’s what I get for not reading the entire thread first.)

Is there a way to view the attribute values for each option in a set on the Data page? If not, perhaps a little disclosure widget could be added to the left of each option in the list?

@sudsy our sense of humor is equally admirable :laughing:

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+1 on this, would be very useful…

Now with the static option sets, it would be nice to have these available in the dynamic expressions for the Privacy tab, for instance:
Having a ‘Get an option’ here would be very helpful…



:random item should work on the list of options. If it’s not working in your case, please fill in a bug report!

That is definitely not expected behavior. I’m not seeing it on my end, but if it keeps happening to you, please fill in a bug report!

Having the ability to also create new fields associated to an option set while composing in the Bubble editor (similar to data types) would be pretty nice too, rather than having to go back into the Data > Options set tab :grin:



I’m not able to group on Option Sets. Am I missing something or is this something still needed (or something that will never be possible) ?


Hey @cal, I filed a bug report but wanted to link you to a quick video here of the issue. I’ve tested in on three separate applications and it does the same thing on each one.