[New Feature] Option sets

Can options be sorted by an attribute (Display or a custom one)? I don’t seem to find the way to do it.


@miguel Get an option> All options >:sorted I tthink

How to get a list of several options?

Thanks, but there’s no :sorted action for a particular Option set.

@miguel You’re right! Sorry I was responding from memory - seems I ended up changing to “data” for that particular case.

If you add an Idea request I’ll +1 it, I think it’s important to have.

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@miguel We certainly are keeping an eye on this, but if there’s a specific feature that you’d like to request (such as :sorted for option sets), it’s definitely best if you email us at support@bubble.io so that we can better track the ticket.

Can you be more specific?

I am building a multilingual site and I am currently using “App text” (very useful) and Custom data types.

But I don’t see how Option sets can be used for multilingual.


EDIT: Ok, thanks, I just saw, creating new attributes.

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Any plans to allow option groups?


      <optgroup label="Swedish Cars">
        <option value="volvo">Volvo</option>
            <option value="saab">Saab</option>
          <optgroup label="German Cars">
            <option value="mercedes">Mercedes</option>
            <option value="audi">Audi</option>



Like @jlexer, I’m also interested in grouping and aggregating by option set values.

Are there plans for this to come? Otherwise I’m going to has to redesign the data structure.

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+1 would be useful on search box, inputs and multi dropdowns.


It would be quite useful in some cases to be able to copy an Options set ‘Option’ e.g. right click ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ values.


+1 on this, couldn’t believe it does not already exist

@eve How option sets work with sub apps? Are they always the same?

+1 for the search box :slight_smile:

Any news on the sorting modifier? Until we have the sorting functionality, using Options sets for Multi language websites is still a no go.


Hey @mangooly
Well unfortunately not much movement or improvements on the Option sets. The sorting functionality is highly requested so hopefully Bubble improves this soonish. There is very hacky way to construct a sort by: type functionality, thats using the ‘converted to list’ and the ‘plus item’ expressions e.g.

As for the hold back on creating a multi-language site with Options sets what would be the hold back? Please explain.

Thanks for the response @luke2. The holdback is that without sorting you cannot sort translations of Option sets alphabetically. Eg,

If I use “Display” for sorting manually my countries in English, thats fine, but if I add another attribute for Spanish I cannot sort the translations in Spanish alphabetically.

Hi, @cal, trying out option sets, great feature, if i’m understanding it right, it’s like a “list” in excel where you save somewhere in the document for access later.
According to Advice: Auto-populating List, I’m assuming the app users can add/remove a field in data types, they cannot do it to option sets?

For instance, in an expenses app where there are default values but each user would have the freedom to preset & configure their categories with items, e.g.
Category: Transportation
Item: Taxi, Subway, Bus… etc.

Do I create the default values in Data Types instead of Option Sets?
And how do I make the items relative to the categories so that when they select Transportation, they don’t see options like Sandwich or Shoes?

Much appreciate it.

@linzlee It depends on whether users can add categories. If the categories are constant, then an option set is perfect for them; otherwise, you would need to use a Custom Type.

To find all items relative to a category, you can “Do a search for” the item, with the item’s category equal to the selected category.

Hi, @cal thanks for the reply, it’s as I understood.
I still can’t find that action that allows users to add their own category in custom type, though.
I’m trying putting an input field + add button + workflow, but don’t see the path to my result.

Please advise how to make this happen - allow users to add categories and items in the custom data type.