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[New Feature] Recurring workflows

Ok, maybe in near future. thank you @emmanuel

Could you not run the monthly for all users, do some conditional checks, and if the user is a ‘yearly’ then trigger off another workflow that deals with that.

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Hi Dave,

The thing is you can’t have more than 1 Recurring event on the same thing (users). In my case I have 3 monthly plans each is different and comes with different feature with it. I don’t think conditions will do in this case.

You will have only 1 recurring event on the thing, the monthly one, the actions within the workflow can then be selective using the “only when”;

This action would then trigger 1 of 3 custom events to handle the different plan options, depending on what plan the customer is on.

Thanks Dave,
Actually I already tried using conditions on the recurring event so one recurring event to be triggered at once. But it didn’t work. That what made me think maybe I can only create a single recurring event per a thing. When I see the error message" More than one scheduled recurring event per thing. Aborted." made me think maybe you really can’t have more than one recurring event per a thing.

Can you confirm this @emmanuel. Can we create several recurring events for a user and use conditions would that still work?

You maybe are misunderstanding me.

Only have 1 recurring event. it has multiple custom triggers as actions, those are executed based on “only when” conditions.

So the recurring event then branches off down different paths.

I read your response as you had multiple recurring events, but they ran depending on the conditions. that is a different thing altogether…

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I see, I get it now, I will try that and see how it goes. :+1:

Thanks Dave

Is there a way to setup a recurrent event not attached to a thing ?
For instance, I have an endpoint that send a newsletter to all users. I would like to automatically run this endpoint each month. Can I do that inside Bubble ?

PS: I am looking for a proper way to achieve this, I don’t want to do something fancy like creating a kind of “admin” object on which I would run a recurrent event each month forever.

You can do this on each user, that’s how most services would do it.

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Thanks I will try that !
What do you think is best time to set the event ? When the users signup ?

When selecting Frequency, I only get the following options : None, true. I’m on a dedicated server.
How do I get more options ?

Can you file a bug report?

sure !

I have found an issue with this setup I think.

When the user already has a pre-existing recurring workflow scheduled, and it gets ‘updated’ or otherwise re-scheduled for the same monthly period, it adds a full month to the recurring workflow that already exists…

i.e. you can schedule a monthly recurring workflow today 2/22/2018 and it will show recurring as next scheduled time 3/22/2018, then you can trigger the same action to re-schedule it or otherwise ‘update’ the existing recurring workflow for the same user and same type of recurring workflow and it simply changes it to 4/22/2018.

I have been trying to sort out the use of multiple recurring workflows of the same type by the same user in the following thread and there appears to be an issue here where there should be a specific ID of the recurring workflow that’s savable so that you can cancel it specifically and directly as you may need.

Thread: Cancel SAME Recurring Workflow x 2 When Created By Same User

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We had to do this as a protection for the health of the system. A way to work around this is by canceling first and then scheduling the recurring workflow

@emmanuel do these recurring workflows run in Live and Development independent of each other? For example, you send out a weekly email to users. Do they receive that email twice if they are in both dev and live db’s?

I assume this is the case, and you need to use a condition: image

@emmanuel I am not 100% sure if I understood, I have been doing manually for the last couple of years, a manual workflow every first of January at the first couple of hours, in order to update the years of the users and know how old they are based on they birth date, I have created a button with a specific Workflow in a page I only open that day for that purpose only.
How can I make this workflow recurring every year on that day, do I need to activated somehow? How can I be sure it is working?

Just an aside here, but you say you do…

Why would you ever need to do this? You say your User objects have a “date of birth” field on them.

So… You always know how old your Users are.

(Users age = Current Date/Time - User’s date of birth [format as whatever you want: years, seconds, whatever].) I can’t fathom the use case for maintaining an “Age” field on your Users.

Similarly, you always know how long your Users have been Users. (Tenure on system = Current Date/Time - User’s Created Date [again, format in whatever time increments you want].)

This is really cool. Could this be used to run a check (via API) every X hours (if it schedules itself X hours in the future every time it’s run)? Thanks!

I would need to check it out. But I am pretty sure what I would get here it is another date. And that is not what I need. What I really need is a number telling me how old the user is and if today is his birthday, I would need to know how old is he today.