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[New Feature] Recurring workflows

Yes, but don’t forget to add to the Date, so you don’t create a loop. If you rely on a certain limit, then make it count as well so you don’t create an un-ending scheduled workflow.

Count starts at 1
We have 20 invoices
Each workflow does count+1
The API Endpoint itself should have a constraint when count is equal and less than invoices:count so it stops counting at 20 :wink:

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And what if the user cancels the plan and you have to cancel the next 12 invoices? What would you do then?

I Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
Im trying to buid a point system where the customer gets charged every month and the corresponding points are added to his account.
At the moment I’ve set the frecuency to daily just for testing purposes and the start date is yesterday so I can check if its working or not.

I’ve also tried moving the Custom event to another page instead of the back end workflows tab as @romanmg said with no luck

Maybe it´s a better idea to let Stripe create the invoice and then add the invoice in the user´s database? Then the recurring thing will happen on Stripe side rather than on Bubble.

What do you think @nocodeventure?

You always store the scheduled ID in the last step. You can use that to cancel the workflows scheduled, which should only be 1 at that time with a count of 8.

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For invoices, you can use Stripe receipts.

When using Checkout, you can automatically email your customers upon successful payments. Enable this feature with the email customers for successful payments option in your email receipt settings.


Looks really good. Would be great though if a weekly workflow could be done for all paid users, I’m a university student and can’t afford the other plans, but my app needs weekly scheduled workflows…


Hi there @baltamir,

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You can just have a looping scheduled workflow, so when the first one triggers it schedules another one for the week after.

Is it possible to view the list of recurring workflows that are running outside of the scheduler (i.e. within the app?

I would like to build a dashboard that displays a list of them and allows me to easily toggle on and off without having to go into the scheduler.

Off topic:
Having [“NEW”] in the post title is confusing for a 4-year-old thread. Every time I hop into this forum and see a [NEW] topic I get excited. Can we just have [NEW] on actual new stuff?


This is a horribly designed feature. I offer a solution:

Allow the Scheduler to ‘Add new task’ which shows recurring events found in the backend workflows.


  1. Create a backend workflow of type “recurring”
  2. Create some other WF in the backend WFs that schedules the recurring workflow
  3. Call the WF created in step 2 above to add the recurring WF to the scheduler


  1. Create a backend workflow of type “recurring”
  2. Open the logs:Scheduler and click “Add Activity” and have your options for frequency set there.


Newbie here. Is it something I should use for creating a thing according to X number of times my user selected or should I look into scheduling on a list?