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Some advanced features here that I found would be good:

Ability to copy and paste a workflow and assign it to “the result of a different step” so you don’t need to build every single paramater each time. I currently have 650 issues I need to work through because i can’t assign a workflow to a different step of the same type. So I must go one by one and spend the hours doing it.

  1. Site-wide event triggers - Do when X is true sotospeak anywhere on the website. When a 404 is triggered for example, or page url contains “Ooops not found” do X (send an email, or redirect to a page) same with workflow errors, api connector errors, errors in general, trigger a notification, among other sitewide abilities.

  2. www. vs. non www. redirect setting at the domain level for SEO enhancement. There should be a Cononical redirect that allows us to set a preferred with or without www. for the app.

  3. Random Workflow pause feature (or at least dynamic pause length in seconds to a Number type if Rand is hard to implement) - There are various ideas in mind thus far if such feature was available.

  4. Assign a different main workflow setting… It could be ‘current page thing’ or ’ result of step A’ or ‘parent group’ or ‘X group’ to allow fast changing and coping and pasting of workflows and auto assign the parameters based on the Base workflow setting:

Food for thought. Thanks.

If I had 10 votes they would be split equally between the very first and last ideas here


All of my votes would go for original #1. Don’t know that I understand #5 though.

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So you can already do one, if I Understand the issue correctly, by making a change to a thing without changing anything and referring to the result of that action.

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I’ve come across a few constraints with this. If I need to delete a step and other actions are dependent on this one, it’d be nice to be able to reassign those dependencies to a different action.

Additionally, it’d be nice if I could copy a set of workflows to, say, another workflow and have the logic that connects the specific steps remain in place.

These aren’t huge problems, but frustrating when they come up because the fix is tedious and it also seems like technology could fully solve the problem.