[New feature] Table element [beta]

You are right!!! Thank you so much.

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Do you know if it’s possible to make the table scrollable horizontally? I have a lot of columns in mine (especially for mobile!)

  1. I one of my tables, I could (don’t ask me how!) add a sticky row bellow Repeating Group Row…

Cannot reproduce it again, besides from copy and paste of this table itself :smile:

Last row is a Sticky…

Here is the table itself

  1. Most of them I have to have a Repeating Group to manipulate a “List of Things”, so the Table is used for data display only…

I was able to reproduce this! @augusto1

If you right click and copy your Header/Sticky row

Select the last row (which will highlight all rows) and select Paste row above

Now you have a sticky… footer?

That’s how it works in the Dev side

I highly doubt this is expected behavior, but I’ll roll with it!

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Tks @bcart0v !!!

Yes, I love the idea of this feature but I have a number of issues too… :grimacing:

In the Editor, columns are disappearing (making it very hard to make updates). In the image below you can see that the columns are also misaligned. Everything is fine once the page is loaded

I am using conditionals to hide some columns based on page width, so perhaps this is causing the issue…?

Updates recommended:

For consistency, when Adding a new New Column Container Layout on cells should be “Row” not “Fixed” (the Default Table uses “Row” but not newly added columns).

Can we get access to the Count of Table Elements property?


Table Zebra Stripes would be nice to have. I cannot see how to apply a Row format based on the Index (or equivalent). Being able to select Index here would allow this:


The ability to Color a Row based on one of its values (such as Active, Deleted, To Chase being different colors (colours for us Brits out there!).

Repeating the above ideas I like:

  • Static Bottom Row
  • Sorting
  • Pagination
  • Column Totals

Thanks :blush:


Bug in Table Component?

I’ve made a small app to show my concern.

  1. A Simple Page, a Table and a Button.
    Workflow just sums +1 every time icon plus is triggered

  2. It goes all right in front end

  3. It seems all right in Debugging

  4. No changes actually happens on Database !

So, the whole process, including debbugin shows no problem…
As it seems Front End Process Working all right, Back End Doesn’t.

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si los agrupas dentro de la celda te funcionara, yo así lo logre

Sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t…
Must be a bug, I’ve already informed Bubble.

Same problem here @augusto1 thanks for raising.

Bubble Support informed that they are giving priority to this Bug, as it really afects DB, and has a number of users that pointed the same situation…

Let’s wait, maybe by next week they’ve got this solved.

Now you get to go back and cringe at some of the element names you gave in your repeating groups.

I personally have given up on using the table element for now. My current RGs as table setup is a lot more flexible but that’s not my issue with the current table element.

It’s the unpredictable memory leaks that happens in the editor that makes this hard to use. Hope you all sort things out soon.


Kate @kate.mcnally ,

Would you mind giving a feed-back to all comunnity, specially about bugs concerns?
If it works as promissed, it is a really hand on!



I understand that this is a beta feature so here is my wishlist (?).
Purpose of table element: a quick and powerful way to display data on a page.
Target audience / usage: app admins

It should come packed with:

  • pagination
  • sorting by click on columns
  • fuzzy search
  • sticky headers that actually stick (or just remove it all together)
  • easier to adjust column width

I dream of a future where you can tell an app is built on Bubble if the admin interface has tons of these table elements all over it.


Horray, nice to @kate.mcnally and team, this is a must-have addition.

Another vote for…

    1. Pagination
    1. Sorting by clicking on columns
    1. Fuzzy search
    1. Sticky headers
    1. Adjust column width

Furthermore, it appears the table element doesn’t support the grouping of data yet. This is another must-have feature to migrate away from RGs.


To add to the list:

  1. Calculations in cells
  2. Ability to extract calculated values from each cell/row/column

These two features are the basics of any spreadsheet/dashboarding apps and would essentially allow users to create new things without creating new things in the database. The extracted values can be used to plot charts etc…

One key thing I think you missed here: Ability to export all data from table easily.


Hi there,

Bubble team says Database Update Bug is now fixed !

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Confirmed in my app as well