[New feature] Table element [beta]

Bubble Support informed that they are giving priority to this Bug, as it really afects DB, and has a number of users that pointed the same situation…

Let’s wait, maybe by next week they’ve got this solved.

Now you get to go back and cringe at some of the element names you gave in your repeating groups.

I personally have given up on using the table element for now. My current RGs as table setup is a lot more flexible but that’s not my issue with the current table element.

It’s the unpredictable memory leaks that happens in the editor that makes this hard to use. Hope you all sort things out soon.


Kate @kate.mcnally ,

Would you mind giving a feed-back to all comunnity, specially about bugs concerns?
If it works as promissed, it is a really hand on!



I understand that this is a beta feature so here is my wishlist (?).
Purpose of table element: a quick and powerful way to display data on a page.
Target audience / usage: app admins

It should come packed with:

  • pagination
  • sorting by click on columns
  • fuzzy search
  • sticky headers that actually stick (or just remove it all together)
  • easier to adjust column width

I dream of a future where you can tell an app is built on Bubble if the admin interface has tons of these table elements all over it.


Horray, nice to @kate.mcnally and team, this is a must-have addition.

Another vote for…

    1. Pagination
    1. Sorting by clicking on columns
    1. Fuzzy search
    1. Sticky headers
    1. Adjust column width

Furthermore, it appears the table element doesn’t support the grouping of data yet. This is another must-have feature to migrate away from RGs.


To add to the list:

  1. Calculations in cells
  2. Ability to extract calculated values from each cell/row/column

These two features are the basics of any spreadsheet/dashboarding apps and would essentially allow users to create new things without creating new things in the database. The extracted values can be used to plot charts etc…

One key thing I think you missed here: Ability to export all data from table easily.


Hi there,

Bubble team says Database Update Bug is now fixed !

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Confirmed in my app as well

@nnac.design I have the same issue! Very strange and I haven’t found an issue to make my table look good on mobile…

Feature request. Please add a footer the same way as we have the fixed header. I can’t add the total on a simple table with numbers!

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My experience so far:

  • The Table doesn’t render all the data consistently (missing rows)

  • The columns don’t render consistently. They will distort if you change the data via filters

  • Rows may/may not show text. The rows will be rendered, but the text is missing.

Even with its lack of “features”, this element would make creating reports much faster and easier. However, it’s not ready for production use or use in client applications. Too bad!

These observations and a screen recording have been shared with Bubble via the bug report.

My 90-second recording showing the bugs: Your Bubble app - Google Chrome - 2023-08-16_11-42-40 - TechSmith Screencast - TechSmith Screencast

Well, this no longer works for me…

So +1 for the ability to create sticky footers.

Hi @kate.mcnally
Currently we cannot reference the table’s data in other elements, like we can for repeating groups. Or am I doing it wrong ?

Is this something that’s on the roadmap ?

Would be great to have a very clear comparison of what tables can and cannot do versus repeating groups before we start transitionning and realise that something key still in work-in-progress or not planned.

Thanks for this!


+1 on this.

It would be nice to be able to reference table’s data in other elements and in workflows.
For example I have a table that contains a column with checkboxes, I’d like to be able to make change on a list in the workflows, depending on the checkbox status. Very usefull for user management interfaces for example.


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We need a “display in table” workflow, just like there is one for the repeating group.

Thank you,


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Would also like to be able to get access to the current rows index on the entire row itself (the current row’s index only exists at the cell level):

This way, you can set the background style (or some other property) of the entire row. Currently I got around that by having the conditional on each cell in the row but would be much cleaner if it could work at the row level

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12+ days since these issues were reported to Bubble support and still no fix. Columns get truncated, records don’t show up, and individual cells have frized out formats. Should I just give up and stick to creating tables with repeating groups? Any idea when these tables will be able to handle extended amounts of columns/rows?

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I just started using the table for one page properly, and saw many issues within ten minutes of using. And the issues are such that it makes no sense to use the table at the moment.

  • No way to create a workflow for clicking on whole row
  • No way to create a workflow for clicking on a cell in the row
  • Can’t copy formatting of a cell to another.
  • Can’t assign style to a cell
  • When a column is added, it gets created with default layout of “fixed” even if existing cells are in different layout
  • No support for alternating colours in rows
  • No way to access current cell’s index in rows

Now you can say that I can do some or the other workaround to achieve all of these, you’d be right. But why would I do all that when I can achieve all those by reusing my existing tables created using RG in my app already? And features like current cell’s index are not even possible with workarounds.

I’ll wait for a more enriched release of this.