[NEW FEATURE] Text To Date - Date & Timezone Tools v2

Added a ‘text to date’ page element. Plus some bug fixes.

See original thread for more info

This is a page element that takes a text string as input and returns a date.

  • The element returns two date (local and UTC)
  • Its fairly basic, but quite useful, and relies on the built-in JS text-to-date parser to construct the date. This is documented with the input.

It is possible that other plugins accomplish this the same way that this does, but including this in the plugin makes sense. I know that copilot’s text to date plugin works as a server-size action rather than ‘on the page’ via an element.

In any event, there are many use-cases for this, but I built this mainly to have an elegant way to take ‘whole dates’ from the date picker (with their output formatted as text) and to convert them back to dates with their time initialized at midnight UTC–in a single step.