[New Feature] Vertical Alignment Control in Containers

Hi all,

Excited to announce that the team has added vertical alignment options as Column in Container Layout, similar to the options that already exist for Container Layout - Row. These new settings allow you to easily align items within the container along the vertical axis. Looking forward to seeing how you all use this feature!

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 10.29.09 AM


Very exciting change, thanks @charlotte !

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This is very much needed . This will save some more time with my layouts! @charlotte :+1: Thank you


Such a great feature addition! Thanks Charlotte!

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Epic! Thank you.

Amazing! Definitely going to make mobile responsive easier!



Thanks! Was hacking some alternatives but this is very welcome

Hooray! A much needed update. Thanks!

Thanks for the update! Very useful indeed. :raised_hands:

Love it!

Beautifull Beautifull :rocket::rocket::rocket:

This is great. And congrats on your first contribution to the forum. It’s awesome to see the bubble team growing.

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Awesome thanks! That will be really helpful to build even nicer apps!

Yesssss! Finally! :star_struck:

Great !!! Thanks !!!

When do you will implement row-reverse and column-reverse ?
This is extremally useful in mobile navegation

Charlotte, thank you very much!