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New features and releases please!

Hi All,

Congrats for the bubble team in raising their new round, I have seen in the past few months not a-lot of new features has been added. I have been awaiting the green announcements with new features lately. Feature release has slowed down a lot. As a active bubble user, I would love to see us as users vote for some interesting features
such as

Search box improvement
Image quality control
bubble native charting capabilities enhanced ( I know there are plugins but None of them are good enough). I had to build my own chart plugin.
add a table element that allows to build a repeating group with header without the tricks we do now to make header align with the content.
Allow for importing Styles.

I think the community deserve to upvote one feature at least every 3 months.

A bubble avid user


Perhaps make your charting plugin free and open-source… :grin:


I will. it was simple. just allowed me to do a nicer line chart