New free plugin (9 march/20) - Orchestra! Refer to inside repeating groups cell(s) from outside

Amazing!! I was looking for some way how to approach the specific cell’s custom state inside repeating group, and it was a nightmare! And finally the solution is found!!! Thank you!

Just try to approach this way a custom state of any object inside repeating cell… It ismpossible (((

Hi. I’m using Orchestra with Maestro and Musicians to set states on elements in a repeating group that is nested in another repeating group. Let assume the outer RG has only one row, so there is only one inner RG on the page. (This is the case most of the time.)

I have a question about setup. I am able to make this work most of the time. But sometimes I cannot affect the desired elements and I suspect it has to do with scope and my placement of the Musician. The elements I need to work with are at varying levels of nested groups in the RG row.

So here are my two questions:

  1. Should I use a single Maestro with multiple Musicians, or is it better to have one Maestro for each Musician? If I can use more than one Musician per Maestro, and I suspec this is correct because I’ve tried it, is there a limit to how many?

  2. How does the Musician actually work with scope? When I place the musician at the top level in my RG cell row, I cannot see nested elements and I get server errors. But when I place a Musician in the same group as the element I need to work with, sometimes I get server errors and sometimes it seems to work correctly. Further, sometimes I can place the musician at the top level and successfully work with an element that is nested a few levels deep. I can’t make sense of it.

This plugin is fantastic, but I’d love to have more details on how it actually works so I don’t waste anymore time experimenting just to try and figure it out.


Hey guys!

Very interesting plugin, but I’m struggling to get it to work - not sure if it’s designed to do what I want from it. I’m trying to use it to trigger an event when a Group inside a Repeating Group is hovered. I tried the “Musicians Revealed” trigger and used a conditional to make it visible only when the Group is hovered, but it works only once - not every time the musician becomes visible.

Is it possible to achieve what I’m attempting with this plugin, or is there another way you can recommend?


The hovered state reverts back to “unhovered” when, well, you move your cursor away from the element so I’m guessing that the cause of the issue is that the musician won’t be visible if you move away from a group.

Try removing that condition and create a separate action for the event when a group is hovered

Were you able to resolve this problem?

I’ve moved my post over to here: (Help with Orchestra plugin!) - any advice is appreciated!

Would greatly appreciate any advice here. I’m trying to use this Plugin but am finding the instructions difficult to follow for my use case.

Here is my page

All I’m trying to do is save my data that is in the repeating group on the right INTO the database if the user selects “SAVE”.

Where would I put the Maestro and where would I put the Musicians?
My understanding is I’d put the Musicians inside of the RG (so for example above the input that currently says “The Louvre”.

But I’m not sure what events or backend workflows to trigger. When I try to set the “class” the instructions say I should select the musicians but Bubble doesn’t accept it as a selection

Great plugin! - It took me a long time to realise that the repeating group cells are skipped by the musicians when one of the inputs in the cell is invalid. That’s the experience I came across anyway.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can get this plugin working with the input validation features of bubble then please let me know!

Hello everyone! The journey was long, intense and fruitful, but I no longer had the free time available to work on my plugins, so now Zeroqode maintains them. You can reach out to them through their support channels from now on :blush:
They have the structure to push them further and I see them as a great new house for the plugins.

I will ask the mods to lock this thread, but regardless of whether they do it or not I won’t be monitoring the forum anymore for plugin mentions.

See you in my next journey and thanks for everything! (and all the fish)
I wish success for all of us!


Firstly thank you so much for all the work you have done!! True pioneer and such an asset. It’s disappointing to see you go.

What are you doing now @vini_brito

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Yes, what are you up to next @vini_brito !?

@zelus_pudding @chad
Thanks for the kind words guys! Well, I can’t share publicly in this forum (I think) but it is the final and ultimate release from Bubble’s limitations :yum:
Been slowly working on it since a certain announcement.

You guys can hit me in private to know more :blush:

Editing for clarity: It is not a plugin, it is external to Bubble and independent to it. And yes it is a nocode tool from scratch :yum:

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