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New free plugin (9 march/20) - Orchestra! Refer to inside repeating groups cell(s) from outside

@vini_brito just trying out your plugin - very useful, many thanks. When trying out the ‘cells position list’ and providing a list of numbers, it changes the first x number of items rather than treating each individual number as an index. Eg. if I have a list of 1, 3, 5 it changes items 1, 2, 3. Is that the way its meant to work, or am I missing something? Your own demo appears to do the same…

Hi all

Will this plugin be able to make changes to a single cell’s value in a repeating group even if the source of that group is not a list of texts but rather a single (long) text made to display as a list via a regex split: ?

Hey @vini_brito I am experiencing some weirdness where:

when running 1 workflow for each cell and the workflow is simply creating a new thing, sometimes the workflows double or a thing is created twice. any thoughts here?

At first I can’t think of anything that would cause this, I’d need to debug it.
So, well, you know, can I get a reproducible example? :sweat_smile:
Don’t bite me! :joy:

no biting at all!
I can’t share the app that was producing the issues and my minimized copy didnt produce them.

here is the workflow causing the issue.

this was causing the issue. when saving 17 rows of data sometimes I would end up with 18/19/20 results and sometimes more. when this happened, rows were being duplicated but the scores were correct. weird stuff.

if the checkbox in this row was checked, save an item with a score of 1 if the checkbox in this row wasn't checked, save an item with a score of 0

i think i solved this by doing placing an if/then element in the row to produce the 1 or 0 value and reference that element in the workflow instead
check it out here

to add on here.

when i finsih running a workflow in each cell, i then use the ‘go to page’ workflow but i stay on the same page and just changge the url. when the url changes, so does the info in the RG. what seems to occur is when i run this workflow after changing to an RG with less items than the previous, this is when i get doubles.

i’ve narrowed down the issue. it has nothing to do with the images above.

screen loads
rg loads with 18 cells
on trigger a wf is ran for each 18 cells
when finished a go to page action is ran to change URL parameters
‘screen loads’
RG loads with 19 cells
on trigger a wf is ran for each 19 cells
when finished a go to page action is ran to change URL parameters
‘screen loads’
rg loads with 9 cells
on trigger a wf is ran 19 times for the RG
when finished a go to page action is ran to change URL parameters
RG loads with 13 cells
on trigger a wf is ran 19 times for the RG

i wrote a shortcode to remove the musicians before reloading the page but that didn’t work because then no new musicians get reinitialized because they arent actually getting revealed for the first time.

the works to remove the old musicians but not to trigger new musicians with the new list of stuff in the the RG.

one workaround for n ow will be to have several pages or several RG’s with the same basic workflows

My final solution was to
create a list of indices for each cell in the RG at the time of submission and use that list in the trigger workflow action. in my case i extracted the data from each cell but there’s surely other ways to do this

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How can I set up the WorkFlow using this plugin and the List Shifter plugin to iterate over a RG contain input fields to collect data from user input and store them in a List Shifter list?


Hello everybody,

first off thank you for the plugin! :slight_smile:

I am having the following issue and I was hoping if you could point me onto the right solution.

I have 2 plugins that I would like to make work with each other to allow users of my app to create recurring events and add those events to the DB when the users create their dance events.


  1. I have to select Start Date and End Date for time slots to be generated. The time slots are then generated from plugin. The element is called TimeSlotGenerator.
  2. Next I am displaying these time slots in a repeating group
  3. Next I initialise Musicians A element for that repeating group.
  4. Next I trigger Maestro A and create DB entries. See ss

The issue is that Maestro A is creating DB entries only from the 1st selection of the date in the RepeatingEventEndDate element. So for instance, if I select Start Date 03.10 and End Date 11.10. But then I decide to change the End Date to 31.10. Then select frequency “Daily” (from TimeSlotGenerator Element), in the DB I should have 28 Events, but I only get 8.

I was thinking that maybe it is because of TimeSlotGenerator Element. If that was the case then the repeating group would not update the dates as well. But the dates in the repeating group are updated when I select a different End Date.

I would like to try out the solution of not triggering all cells but submitting a list of cell Indices and use that for Cell Position List field. How would I go about creating such a list without a paid plugin?

Thanks for the help!


Hi @vini_brito
This is a very useful plugin that was referred to me by @jared.gibb and I thank you for making it available. I see many people have inundated you with specific help requests which shows how necessary this was, I don’t know what people were doing before you offered it.
I am trying to use this to send separate meeting request emails for each event in a RG so that each has a separate start/end time, etc. I believe I have followed your directions from the example you provided and have even added the fields to the RG that I need for the email meeting request so there are no empty cells.
However, it is still not working. The workflow doesn’t appear to have an issue considering no errors appear in the debugger when I test it but I am not receiving the emails.
I have attached screenshots here. Any ideas?
Thank you for any help you can provide.

Hi there, did you ever get this to work? I’m struggling with using this plugin to run an email meeting request for each cell of a RG and curious if you had success. I hope your project is going well.

@justin.schoenfelder1 the way you have this setup should work I’d think. I have used it in a similar set up before. Try hard coding values in each box to debug. See if that even fires off a single email

Hey Justin,

unfortunately, not yet. I had to focus on filtering functionality of the calendar but now I am getting back to this issue.

I have a backup workflow for this if the orchestra is not working. I do not know your exact use case but maybe you find it useful. It’s based on 2 custom events triggering each other.

Let me know if you had any luck.

I managed to find the cause for my issue.

I am not sure where in the plugin it is failing, but the reason it is failing is that when the user updates the date in the date & time picker they also need to re-enter the time.

So for instance, the user selects 25.10.2021 16:00, but then changes it to 20.10.2021 but he doesnt update the time, the orchestra will run on every cell for 25.10.2021 and not for 20.10.2021. But when I update date AND time it then “refreshes” how many times it has to run.

If I limit the date & time picker to just date, it doesn’t work at all.

All I can say is that there is a “refresh” missing somewhere along the way. I will leave the plugin and create repeating events by triggering custom events that bounce off each other.

This is taking too much of my time…

Jared, thank you for this advice.
I’m not sure what you mean by “hard coding” but I did try to input the values directly, except start and end times as those fields don’t allow static input, and no email is sent.
I’ve attached screenshots. I really appreciate your help with this and hope you may have another suggestion.

What happens when you run this in step by step?

Is there a chance it’s trying to run that flow, but it takes too long and gives up while waiting for the charge to go thru?

I added a 6 second delay before that step to see if that worked but no luck. The step x step doesn’t show any errors in the flow. I’m seriously at a loss.