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New free plugin (9 march/20) - Orchestra! Refer to inside repeating groups cell(s) from outside

I suggest that you use multiple instances of either the repeating group or Musician/Maestro pair.
For example, each phase would be a new repeating group element, or…

Using only one repeating group:
For each phase you use Maestro A with Musicians A, then at phase two, you hide these and show Maestro B with Musicians B, then on and on…
The musicians only get loaded when they get visible, as in element is visible/loaded/shown.

Let me know if this helped! :blush:

Since I was in a hurry, I tried to save the inputs when the input value changes, instead of saving the inputs by pressing one button.
The survey phase is not a fixed number, it can change depending on the situation. So I had to use only one repeating group.

I didn’t know that musicians were only uploaded when they were visible. I somehow solved my current problem, but for another time I have an idea: If I make Musician A invisible and visible again while going to the next survey stage, will it be synchronized with the cell number of the RG whose source is being regenerated?

Thanks for your answer, you are good at this :clap:

Hi @vini_brito, I love this plugin, and have used it often in several of my apps, but I’m having an issue with it at the moment…

The use case is fairly straight forward - I’m trying to trigger a workflow on multiple cells in a RG, but it’s not triggering for the correct cells.

It works fine if I use it to trigger just a single cell position.

And it works fine if I use it to trigger every cell.

But when using ‘Trigger Multiple Cell Positions’ the wrong cells are being triggered - instead of triggering for the cells specified in the Cell Positions List, it just triggers the first cells in the RG (the correct number, but the wrong positions).

E.g. If I specify cells 2, 5, 8, 9 it will run on cells 1, 2, 3, 4

If I specify cells 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11 it will run on cells 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

It seems to just be running through the RG list in order, running on the number of cells specified, but not the specified cells.

Any ideas why it’s not working. or am I missing something?

Hey @vini_brito. I found a strange thing happening in that when the musician is present in the RG it prevents the RG’s height from collapsing as expected. When I removed the musician from the RG, the height collapse just fine.
I’ve noticed that if i place it inside any group, it fixes the height of the group as well.

@ljrartlover Yep, it is invisible to the user, but it is a physical entity when it comes to Bubble layout. It will interfere in that, so mind the ghost element :yum:

@adamhholmes If it seems like a bug, then please file a bug report here: Unlimited Bubbling - Report a bug :wink:

@vini_brito How can I prevent it from making the height of the RG fixed and collapse when inner groups have collapsed?

Errr, I would have to test that out. Never needed to do that. But in my structure I do not have the space to dedicate to it for the next couple months at least.

Maybe try to use a “hack”, where you move it out of view with the keyboard arrows, unsure if this still works, but that is how we had elements technically inside repeating group but appearing outside of them years ago :yum:

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@vini_brito Awesome, that works, I’ve set the X and Y values for the musician to negative numbers

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Hey @adamhholmes,

I really don’t get this plugin…

Just would like to sync 2 rg like most e-commerce.

I tried a 3 plugins: the free swipe detector, list shifter kW but this plugin seems to be what I would need.

I tried js to finger swipe a fixed rg cell but not working.

So I’d need to find out if I can swipe fix cell rg with paid plugin or js or using orchestra and it seems you’ve done it!

@vini_brito Any ways to trigger scroll to index cell in a rg from another rg just by extracting that value?

Possibly with more than one plugin, and possibly this one will help, but I have not built something like that so far, so I cannot give an accurate step by step right now :sweat_smile:

So orchestra would be picking up data from another plugin to trigger the secondary rg.

Which plugin can get data out of a rg?

Hi see bdk but not free!

Orchestra can get data out of a rg :relieved:

Well I’ll try to understand it. I’ve seen few examples so let work it out today!

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Right but only with an external element triggering it. So I should find a way with js making an element visible when the cell index is visible on the viewport which would trigger the workflow.

disregard, thx for the awesome plugin!

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