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New free plugin (9 march/20) - Orchestra! Refer to inside repeating groups cell(s) from outside

Hi, I was wondering if you managed to scroll a repeating group nested within another repeating group. If you did, I would appreciate if you could tell me how. Thanks!

Hopefully, someone can help me with this.

I have a List of items in a RG I need dynamically create order numbers for using the index of the current cell.

I need a way to save the current cell order number as the items order number in the database, but I’m having trouble figuring this out. Currently, all the items are updated with the same number and not their individual reference.

Could someone point me in the right direction?

Hi, Vinny. congrats on the plugin. A doubt . Why is the page slow when adding the plugin? Am I wrong about something or is it just like that? thanks.

Forgot all about this, een racking my brain on the RG for the last hour then i randomly remembered your plugin!!! Thanks again for making this dude!

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Sorry for my stupid question, but
can I send a LINK (URL, plus “path” for an object of a repeating group ( a “cell”) to customers, to automatically “jump” to that cell?

As I do not want to make hundred thousand of dynamic web pages of any cell, to address them in a link / url to send it to cusotmers…


Should be able to if you find another plugin that makes the jump to a specific cell, as this one is just the anchor (or reference) saying “hey this is the cell, do whatever you have to with this one”.

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Hey @vini_brito!

Love your plugin!

Was just wondering if this is something possible with your plugin.

In every cell of a repeating group, there are inputs and image uploaders, what I want to do is get the specific inputs and images of a cell and create a DB thing out of it.

Also, I saw that you have other plugins like reveal, etc. Is this something that we need as well?

Atm, I now know how maestro work but for musicians, I can’t seem to figure out how to enable it to refer to the elements within a cell.

Update: I now know how to refer to the elements and WFs within an RG cell. What I’m having trouble now is how to relate a musician to a maestro. For the maestro, I’m pretty sure that’s the “class”, right? However, for the musicians, I can’t seem to set a “class” if I use the “A musician will run this workflow on each cell” but when I use “initialize musicians”, I can set a class. I’m guessing I need to use both actions but I’m having trouble on how to relate or set the right order of actions.

Would greatly appreciate any inputs

Update: I now know how to set a “class” for every musician. Turns out, I can simply do it using the "when musician is revealed, initialize musician and set a class.

I’ve been looking for something that could help me do this for months already. Glad I stumbled upon your plugin @vini_brito! Huge thanks to @jj11 for including this tip on his swipe file “JJ’s Tips for Becoming a Professional Bubble Developer”


I also would love these if you have found them.

I am experiencing a strange operation of the Orchestra plugin.
Problem #1.
There is a RepeatingGroup. There is Maestro A on the outside of the RG. There is Musicians_A inside the RG cell.
My workflow goes like this: first all possible elements are added and displayed in RG (through custom state RG, custom state is Data source RG), and then user removes unnecessary elements (by deleting them from custom state RG list). When the user removes an item, it disappears from the screen (it is not visible). It also exactly disappears from the custom state RG (I checked with debugger).
Then by pressing a separate button a workflow is started, which through Maestro A launches Musicians_A inside RG cells, which in turn already add values of their cells (groups) to another RG for further work.
The problem is that not only the visible (remaining) cells are added to the second group, but also the deleted cells (although they are not visible on the screen and are not in the custom state RG).

Problem #2.
The second RG also has deleted cells and the same problem.
Plus another problem as well:
At the press of a special button runs through another Maestro B Musicians_B, which run the creation of records in the Bubble database. The problem is that some records are created 2 times in case there was a deletion of cell records.

Please help with solving the problems.

Thank you so much for this! This is a life saver!!

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Hi @vini_brito. This plugin is great, though I’m having an issue with different behavior between the dev and live versions. My dev version does exactly what it’s supposed to do. However, in my live, or when I remove the ?debug_mode=true from the url, it only seems to fire for the first cell. So with the same data in the dev version, I get all cells to update in debug mode, but removing the debug parameter results in only the first cell updating. So, it’s hard to troubleshoot. Was hoping that was enough for a clue on where to look for the problem. Thanks so much.

Probably not relevant, but this action allows users to vote on a list of items and adds a score to each cell’s item based on an input within each repeating group cell.

Well, if anyone else runs into this, I have a fix. Adding a 200ms pause at the beginning of the workflows for the musician inside the cell gets everything to update correctly. Must be a difference in how fast / which things run between the dev and the live/non-debug modes.

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I use this plugin to extract inputs values from RG that display uploaded images, so the musicians have to take sell’s input value and cell’s image and make change to thing to add them to list fileds, and it didn’t work well.
I tried to get the musicians to add cell’s inputs values to custom state the the maestro the images custom state (list) value and the texts custom state (list) value and make chang to thing using (set list), and it also didn’t work.
it also didn’t work well when deleting value from the list that displayed in RG that contains musicins.

Therefore, I had to make the musicians invisible while uploading images, modifying them, and deleting some of them, and then the musicians become visible when the user click the button to save the images and the accompanying texts, and this work well in my case

Is there a way to use this or some other plugin know what cells are currently visible? I have a horizontal scrolling RG that has one column visible at a time that can be swiped back and forth between but I want to be able to know which of the cells is currently showing on screen. Any thoughts?

Can you add a way to resize the plugin? I am using it on a RG that has a small width and the plugin itself is getting in the way of the elements in the group, thanks

Yeah, eventually. Can’t commit to a date now.

Hi guys! I have a doubt about this plugin behaviour. If we want to don’t allow a musician running if an input is empty how we can do it? I saw in the plugin page this comment : “If you want to use a Input is empty condition, make sure that the This input must not be empty setting (in that input) is disabled. Musicians will not detect the condition otherwise”

So how could i do it?

Thank you guys!

@vini_brito is the ability to trigger musicians under a maestro in a synchronous manner currently available or has it been at all considered? I’ll try to explain my situation…

I have 1 repeating group with a dynamic number of rows, each of which acts as user input for a new, individual object that does not yet exist. So the user may create any number of objects of this type. This works fine with Orchestra as normal. However within this repeating group is another repeating group, which is also may have any number of rows which contain user inputs for a different type of object to be attached to the first type.

Since the objects from the outer repeating group don’t exist at the time that this group’s musicians are triggered, the inner repeating group has a dummy list of content for its rows. Combined with the asynchronous nature of running musicians, I’m now running into an issue where some of the inner group’s objects aren’t being attached to (referencing) any of the outer group’s objects because I’m unable to change the inner group’s content in time, as it’s triggered while the outer group’s musicians are still running…

I apologize if this is too unclear, I’m having trouble articulating the issue concisely at the moment. Appreciate any help.

Also ty for making this plugin! It’s been a lifesaver so far :slight_smile:

Here’s a screenshot of the page with the nested repeating groups in question… hope it helps clarify a little bit.

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This is a great question - I’d like to know too

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Not currently, but in the future I can look into something to do it, it would be a different mechanism internally so it’s not in the near future.

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