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[NEW FREE PLUGIN] Auto Hashtag

Hello, fellow bubblers! Have you ever think of getting some nice hashtag ideas for your words or your photos? We are pleased to inform you that we have a neat solution to this. Introducing Auto Hashtag.

The plugin generates keywords, which can be used as a hashtag, for a text message / an image.

To use this plugin, you will need to subscribe to RiteKit’s service. For more information on how to subscribe to RiteKit: RiteKit API


The plugin is very simple to use:
  • Install the plugin
  • Enter the client ID for both calls in the plugin tab
  • Select “Get Data From External API” at places where you needed the text
  • Select “Auto Hashtag – Auto Hashtag for Text” or “Auto Hashtag – Auto Hashtag for Image”
  • Input the text message/image as a parameter
  • The text will then be generated

Here is an demo:


  • Giving Hashtag Suggestions on a photo sharing app
  • Categorizing different essays or passage on a writing app
  • Automatically generate hashtags on social media
  • Improve your SEO with better tags


Get RiteKit:

Live Demo:

Editor Mode of the demo: Testingforautohashtag | Bubble Editor

In the coming days, we will update the plugin and add more unique features. Feel free to leave a comment on how we can improve / reporting bugs. We also accept emails: [email protected]

Enjoy bubbling with the plugin!


Hi @ada,

Nice Plugin,

Can it also give out more than 1 hashtag?

I am thinking about using it to save “keywords” to content generated by users and then display “similar content” - much like instagram is doing.


@maze Thanks for the feedback. To answer your question, yes it can.

The reason why you can see only one in the demo is that I explicitly choose the first item when the API call returns values.

In general, the plugin will return a list of hashtags, so you can just choose whatever you need.

Feel free to approach me for any further questions.