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New FREE Plugin -- Custom Audio Player

Hi - First of all, amazing plugin! Now a question… Does anyone have trouble seeing the player on Safari on iOS? It works fine for Chrome but it’s not loading for me in Safari. Thanks!

@jacobgershkovich hello, I am actually using the plugin to play a podcast, unfortunately, if I only display the current time, then the audio stops by itself after 2 sec or if I display the total duration, the audio plays without interruption. Also, if I put a condition to change the total time text to current time when the player is playing, the player doesn’t start at all…
How can I fix this problem? Is there a condition in the plugin code that would cause this bug?

i did some test, the problem appears whenever a text with the current time is visible

me too! For what I understood there’s been an IOS update, and since then some of my users have been facing problems in the audio player, it just pauses playing in the middle of the audio.
Is is the same problem as yours?

I’ve put some audio players on the background trying to pre load the audio to avoid this problem, but it’s not perfect at all haha