[New Free Plugin] Daily Video Chat

Hi Kamil! Thanks for reaching out!

You won’t be able to create timestamps directly with the plugin, but depending on where you’re ultimately displaying the video, you might be able to upload a recording and create timestamps there (youtube for example, can add chapters to video, and you could upload the Daily recording there).

If you want to try recording with it here are the instructions ( It is a paid plan feature. Here’s more info on the different pricing plans with Daily and on upgrading.)

When you create a room, you’ll set the recording parameter (options cloud, local, etc)

and then join that room with recording enabled. From within the room, you’ll see a record button and then you can start it from there, record your call, and depending on the recording type download the recording video or access a recording link!

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Hi @acomstoc

The toggle mic will actually only work for an audio-only call (I think there’s a typo in the description for that action) it won’t work for a video call.

The other video options (custom, fullscreen, bottom-right, top-right) have the ability for participants to toggle their own mics from within the video call without the daily - toggle mic action.

If you’d like someone like a meeting owner to be able to mute call participants (for moderation purposes for example), you can enable that with a meeting token and then pass the meeting token when that users joins the room. When this is done, a meeting owner will be able to remove participants, mute their mic or turn off their camera.

Here are two screenshots of the setup there!

If you’d like to try an audio only setup Here’s a demo editor of the setup, and here’s a demo if you would like to test out an audio-only call.

You’ll want to make sure that you’re using the daily-toggle mic action and you can add states to it if you’d like to show muted/unmuted (it should be unmuted by default).

Hi @lola

like most of the other plugins Twillio, Agora we would need to show video responsive within bubble group. We need to use Bubble controls during call and see elapsed time …etc.

Can you think of workaround that Dialy video would be rendered into specific group based on group ID? In addition to fullscreen, top right corner etc… We would define group id in daily custom element “HereDisplayDaily”. Then in the group we would add custom id “HereDisplayDaily”. This is how agora works and it is pretty good. However I would prefer to use daily due to connection issues with Agora.


Hi Pavol, you could use the custom video element that comes with the plugin to put the video anywhere on your page and put it inside of a group.

Here’s an example of the element, if you’re using the custom video element, there are a few element-specific actions (join a custom video call for example) which you could use in place of the daily - join a room action.

Hope that’s helpful!

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Hi @lola ,

I see. I tried to use same element in my group
and it just went fullscreen in preview (my setup in workflows). I think reason might be that I use new responsive engine pages. Your example page is still in old page design.

Do you know if your custom video element works in responsive pages?

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Hi Pavol! Plugin elements haven’t been upgraded by Bubble to work with the latest responsive engine yet. The Bubble team is working on it (see their latest community update), so that could definitely be part of the issue

Hi @lola ,

Ok so I tried it and with action custom video call it works. However only when is custom video element set to fixed dimensions. Serious limitation for practical implementation as we need to deal with number of screen sizes.

Will you consider upgrade of your plugin? Agora plugin for instance is responsive now.

I would like to achieve one to one call with daily where my video is small and person I talk to is fullscreen in boundaries of the group aka “Whatsapp style” Right now custom video element shows both room attendees almost same small size plus number of controls and it looks clutrered especially on mobile.

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Hi @lola

Great tool. Excited to explore more of this. Are there any limitations to the length of a video or audio call?


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Oh understood. Let me look into the group id option! I should have a follow-up on that by the end of tomorrow. If not I can share a custom code option to embed Daily in an iframe so you can use the new engine. Also turning on active speaker mode should impact the view.

Thanks for checking it out, Jason! Call limits depend on your plan. On the free plan you’ll have 2000 call minutes per month and any particular call have any length.

I also saw your original thread, about your marketplace idea @jasonturo there’s a Daily integration with Cal that comes with a stripe integration and scheduling. You can embed Cal in an iframe on your bubble site so that option might be of interest too.

Thanks, @lola. Look forward to exploring this. Nice work :slight_smile:

Hi @nagy.pavol

There’s a slot to put an element id in the daily - join room action now, upgrade to the latest to see it. You’ll need to define a group and add an id to that group for this action to work. Then set the style to “custom position” Here’s a working responsive example editor and demo


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Thanks for this plugin and the most recent update! I’ve also been able to use the webhook for users joining a room and it works well. Are there other webhooks available or in the works, such as when a user leaves a room or a session ends? Thanks

Hi @lola ,

thank you for listening customers and lightning fast implementation. Now is Daily responsive in any Bubble group. Well done! :hugs:

@lola I found some additional bugs which I will PM you.

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Hello! Thanks for reaching out. There is an undocumented meeting_end_webhook that can be enabled by writing in to help@daily.co and sharing your daily domain, email, and the endpoint you’d like to send the webhook to.

You’ll need a custom API call to be able to use it alongside your plugin but happy to set you up with that if/once you get that enabled!

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@lola I’ve spent past 2.5 weeks testing Daily. Love the plugin! And finally have assembled my pedantic questions so far :slight_smile:

  1. Audio questions
    a. How do I access “active speaker” data/info while in an audio call setup in order to trigger workflows/conditionals? I’m looking to build a simple interface to supplement audio only calls & would like to show an indicator styling when each participant is speaking.
    b. Please confirm that when a ‘listen-only’ participant joins an audio call, the only way to enable speaking ability for them is to use a workflow action where they ‘Leave a room’ and then Re-enter room (ie combo of Create Mtg Token that enables speaking THEN use Join Room action)?

  2. Audio/video:
    a. Can a Room owner trigger a “leave room” action on behalf of users who are non-owners to either i) kick out them out intentionally or ii) simply as consequence of owner ending meeting unilaterally/first?
    b. Have you noticed any workflows where a “Pause next action” is required/good idea? I noticed you did that for one of your pages but wasn’t sure why.

  3. Live streaming:
    a. Do live streams always require a token? I’m on free plan now but will start with Launch plan very soon.

  4. Difference between “Daily Events A” workflow actions “A DailyEvents joined/left meeting” vs “A Daily Events participant joined/left”? From my testing the A DailyEvents joined/left meeting works for every user joining/leaving thus what purpose does A Daily Events participant joined/left serve?

  5. When I pull room list data via API call I noticed the “Created At” data pulls a text of the date not the actual date itself. Is it possible to have it pull in the actual date of Room creation? (this is an example created at: 2022-03-31T21:46:16.000Z)

  6. Do you have a working example of “update room” workflow function in use? Am I able update a call during a live call (ie modify expiration or add/remove call)? If so must I use workflows Leave Room then Rejoin room functions? I couldn’t quite figure the update function out.

Let me know if I can clarify anything.

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@guy.blueoceans Thanks for checking out the plugin! Here are some answers.

1a.Let me look more into that, it’s currently not in the plugin but I think it’s something I can enable. Daily has an active-speaker-change event which would provide that info for an audio-only call and I should be able to make this available in Bubble.

1b. There are two methods that accomplish this. The first is through a meeting token where the call is set to owner-only broadcast, and then the speaker joins with a meeting owner token. Method two is with the toggle mic action and setting the listener to start audio off initially.

The difference would be that in using the first method, the browser would ask for the audio permissions once the user rejoined the room as an owner.

In the toggle-mic action, the browser would ask for permissions once they joined the room (even as a listener who can’t talk).

Some prefer method 1 because it’s a little bit of a smoother experience, method 2 has benefits because they’re automatically enabled to speak once you toggle their mic on.

2a. In a video room meeting owners can remove others from the call, mute them and the prebuilt UI supports that. For an Audio only you can enable a button that triggers a leave action for a participant but that would include a database field, happy to jam more on that specifically if you’re looking for that option on an audio-only call.

2b. Typically no, though if you have subsequent leave and join room actions, it can be helpful to have a little pause so that the previous call is completely destroyed before joining a new one to prevent duplicates.

  1. Yep, the person who starts the live stream must be a meeting room owner, so they would have a meeting token with the is owner property set to yes.

  2. Joined and left events trigger for the local user, the participant left and joined trigger when a remote participant leaves the call (ie someone who isn’t the local user). Some peope have used this to update the UI accordingly for audio calls because Bubble doesn’t run workflows when a user is on the page but so long as there’s someone in a call still to see that a participant has left the event will trigger.

  3. Hmmm not sure why Bubble reads dates that way. I can do some digging to see if it’s possible to transform that in Bubble. If you do save any rooms in your database you can use that created time as well in a repeating group as well.

  4. You can update a room that is live, but for users to experience the changes they will need to leave and rejoin the call. Here’s an example of what that looks like. The call is originally in english and then they can rejoin as a french call when you click the update language button. But depending on your use case there might be some alternatives to trying to update a live call. Happy to jam on that!

Hope this helps! I’ll look more into 1a and 5 and have an update on Tuesday!


I have some problems with plugin. Can you explain me, whats wrong?

Best regards,

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