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*NEW FREE PLUGIN* Element Monitors

This plugin provides two technical elements:

  • Visibility Monitor to detect an element is visible in the viewport. It was initially used to start animation on an element when it appears in the viewport, though can be used for other purposes.
  • Resize Monitor exposing target element size (outer, inner, client, scroll and etc…) to add more responsiveness to your pages. It was initially developed to detect if a repeating group has scrollbars (scrollHeight > clientHeight) to workaround problem when scrolling repeating group without scrollbar from a workflow actions causes unintended page scrolling.

I’d appreciate any feedback, please post it here.

For more details please visit the following links.
Demo Page:
Demo Editor: Visibilitymonitorpluginexample | Bubble Editor
Plugin Page: Element Monitors Plugin | Bubble
Service Link: Codium Plugins - Element Monitors