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[New Free Plugin] Fully customizable dropdown selection Input

Hello @tools9 ,

Sorry for the late reply, and regarding your issue, yes the plugin does not support static text data yet, you need to set data using the search for data or get an options,
So for a workaround, you can use option sets to define your data and define this option inside the plugin data

Hello @sequoia274 ,

Im sorry for having this issue , currently im working now on a fix for it
will let you know once I push fix update to the plugin

Thank you very much, we will wait!

Hello Everyone,

Just pushed an update to a nice dropdown plugin to fix these issues

  • Now default value is correctly selected in the dropdown
  • Fix z-index position when adding dropdown to repeating group

Send me if there are any other issues or suggestions

@sequoia274 , @a01721909 , @hello.plannwin