[New Free Plugin] Fully customizable dropdown selection Input

Hello @tools9 ,

Sorry for the late reply, and regarding your issue, yes the plugin does not support static text data yet, you need to set data using the search for data or get an options,
So for a workaround, you can use option sets to define your data and define this option inside the plugin data

Hello @sequoia274 ,

Im sorry for having this issue , currently im working now on a fix for it
will let you know once I push fix update to the plugin

Thank you very much, we will wait!

Hello Everyone,

Just pushed an update to a nice dropdown plugin to fix these issues

  • Now default value is correctly selected in the dropdown
  • Fix z-index position when adding dropdown to repeating group

Send me if there are any other issues or suggestions

@sequoia274 , @a01721909 , @hello.plannwin

Hey @momen just tried using it for the first time with an Option Set and I’m getting this error:

The plugin Nice Dropdown / element Nice dropdown threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘get’)
at eval (PLUGIN_1648492717429x588660486260654100/Nice-Dropdown-update–Nice-dropdown-.js:13:39)
at https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_debug_js/22146122e035d53519de432fade3326177c6438b066f59590dda017a1893c212/xfalse/x15/run_debug.js:6:2327924 (please report this to the plugin author)

Any clue why?

When the default value calculates to empty, the dropdown doesn’t work at all. this is a huge issue and a dealbreaker.

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working on these issues

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Hello @luc.simp , I just pushed an update to fix most of these issues , check it and let me know if there is an issues as this is a full restructure of the plugin

I think this was because of empty default value, I just push an update to fix this issue

Hello , I just pushed an Update for the plugin to fix all major issues , this update is a full restructure for the plugin, it shouldn’t effect the default implementation but fix the issues

check and let me know if you found any issues with it

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trying again after the restructure. still issues with the default value. if you reference the value from a workflow with the default value without changing the dropdown first, it populates null.

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Having the same issue. A deal breaker for a dropdown.
@momen any updates on this?

Hi momen using this method the options are not display, and your demo dont work

I have been experiencing issues with the dropdown. It was working nicely on the weekend then after a few days of being away from bubble, the dropdown has stopped working and the options in the dropdowns are not accessible at all. They are only accessible when viewed in the debugger. Not sure if this is a bug but is anyone else experiencing this? @momen - Any idea what this might be? Many Thanks

heyo, is this plugin still being updated? Look great

I think that is abandoned :pensive:

the plugin is not working anymore, certainly abandoned

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This plug in was working great but no longer. When I click the dropdown nothing opens (but it does still work in the bubble debugger FWIW)

Very sad, this was a nice plugin!

This plugin is excellent but buggy when used within repeating groups. When clicked, the options appear in a location different from the cell.