[NEW FREE PLUGIN] Rebrandly (API v4) - Create short links (compatible with Bubble Plugin API v4)

Hello Bubblers,

I just released a new free plugin to create short links using your Rebrandly account, that is compatible with the latest Plugin API v4.

Plugin page to install the plugin in your app : Rebrandly (API v4) Plugin | Bubble

Create short links in Bubble using your Rebrandly account:

:white_check_mark: Use custom or random short links in sms or other in-app messages.
:x: Using short links in emails body text or buttons is not a good practice.

This plugin includes custom options for link generation:

  • Specific domain
  • Destination url
  • Title (optional)
  • Custom slashtag (optional)
  • Improved error handling, displaying API call errors in server logs and “Action Result’s Errors”

:exclamation: Don’t forget to set up your Rebrandly account and paste your API Key in Plugin tab before using this plugin’s actions.

Check action in Demo page* : Bubble | No-code apps

*I use a free Rebrandly account for this demo, so I have only 10 links / month. It may show errors saying that links limit is exceeded. However you can use the debugger in step-by-step mode to see how it works with the details of workflow actions.

NB: This plugin is an improved copy of Rebrandly plugin by @Copilot : Rebrandly Plugin | Bubble

But I updated the code to work correctly with Bubble plugin API v4, mandatory after March 12, 2024.
And I added more features to make it more useful and robust even if the API calls trigger errors.

Answer this forum thread for help or questions about the plugin :slight_smile:

Plugin created by Guillaume Raballand