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(new free plugin) Rich text editor with customizable menus - Tiptap 🩰

Release 1.10.0

  • you can now insert content


Release 1.10.1

Working on adding YouTube.
Any clues what this is?

The video seems to be working regardless…


Thanks for the kind words and the support. This whole plugin is me flailing around trying to figure out this code thing.

I’m working on the YouTube extension now. It gave me a couple of errors last night – I was so tired I didn’t even google it; I dropped it on the thread hoping someone would have the answer.

:thinking: I don’t think there’s any way around it. What are you trying to do / avoid? I know it’s quite tiring setting up the menu (believe me, I’ve set up more menus testing this plugin than I ever thought possible).

I’ll look around Tiptap’s Github forum to see if there’s anything. At the same time I’ll amuse myself with Github’s issue tracker, issue #4.

Mind sharing your example? I don’t know what Tiptap does when it takes those menus. It probably adds some CSS that conflicts / overrides Bubble’s settings. I’ll look around for CSS ideas.

Anyway, I’ve made an issue that I will try to solve; issue #2.

I think you can just use the same command again to stop it. Or Cmd + Shift + B

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Hi @rico.trevisan , I want to report a bug related with links inside the tiptap.

I’m using the Tiptap with the “Input is enable” unchecked, so my users is not able to edit the content. So, the links are getting a unexpected behavior.

You can see it in your demo page too. The links are opening in two tabs and the browser think that one is a popup. But if you try to click in the second link, the tab is open with the link of the first one that you clicked for the first time, so on.

Expected Behavior
When inserted one or multiple links in Tiptap while the “Input is enable” is unchecked they have to open in a new tab.

How to replicate:
On your demo page, insert two more links, one for google and other to youtube. Click on them with “Input is enable” checked and after unckecked and see the behavior.

I record my screen too, so you can see the same.

I’ll appreciate any advance on this, because my pages has a lot of link for my users.

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If anyone has the random “border” showing up on the bottom right, add this to your script in the body (Settings - > SEO/metatags):

/* Hide scrollbar for Chrome, Safari and Opera */ div[class$="-AAC"]::-webkit-scrollbar { display: none !important; -webkit-box-shadow: none !important; -moz-box-shadow: none !important; box-shadow: none !important; } /* Hide scrollbar for IE, Edge and Firefox */ div[class$="-AAC"] { -ms-overflow-style: none !important; /* IE and Edge */ scrollbar-width: none !important; /* Firefox */ }

Release 1.11.0 & 1.11.2

  • fit height now behaves properly. If fit to height is:
    • OFF =overflow: scroll
    • ON = overflow: auto

Release 1.11.1

  • fixed YouTube CORS error by turning on the noCookies policy.

I feel you are becoming quite powerful in the ways of plugin creation, @rico.trevisan!

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Rico, hi, there is one idea that can allow us to add content to the beginning of the article, which in some cases (if the articles are very long) can be a convenient element of orientation in this text

Essentially, the task is to add an id tag to all h1, h2, h3, h4, h5. For simplicity, you can simply make them numbers #1, #2… And then you can click on the title and get to exactly the place where you need to go

And separately output such a list of titles (contents)

exemple –

Release alt1.0.0

  • code highlighting

Instead of adding code-highlighting to the plugin, I figured I abstract the code into its own plugin so that it’s lighter.

Get the plugin here: Code syntax highlighter Plugin | Bubble

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