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New free tutorial: build fully-responsive "Yelp for books" in 2 hours using AirDev Canvas

Hi Bubblers,

I recorded a series of videos tutorials on how you can build a basic version of a well-designed and fully-responsive reviews app in just 2 hours by using the Canvas Starter Template and adding Canvas pages/modules to it.

You can find the full tutorial at this link and you can see the finished application here.

A couple of caveats:

  1. This tutorial assumes that you already have basic knowledge of Bubble functionality
  2. This tutorial itself is free but I do use some Premium Canvas modules in the tutorial (which requires a $50/month subscription at the time when you add the modules). You can choose to not get Canvas Premium and still be able to build the full application, you’ll just need to design the Search and Profile pages yourself instead. The rest of the tutorial will still apply.

Hope people find it useful!

Canvas by AirDev


Player doesn’t seem to resize properly on mobile.

Very cool to see this in action. I will try it out. Just wondering: is Canvas Pages and all the functionalities to create pages, add modules and submitting the page into your app also built on Bubble?

@marcusandrews - good catch! We’ll fix that

@FJP - the functionality to create pages, add modules is built with code but connected to Bubble

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