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New guy using Bubble needs help

Hi guys,
I’m a new Bubble developer who’s trying to develop two kind of apps:

  1. An errands and handyman app where people can place small jobs that they need help with and handymen or tecchnicians can contact them and make proposals.
    The difference with FIVERR is that the same user can be a user that needs help or a handyman that can do jobs and errans. I’m stuck here because do not know how to let the users do both things.
    At the beginning will be a free app so no need to have any kind of payments or escrow, that we’ll add it later.

  2. An app where people can login using social accounts, leave voice recorded questions and a group of experts could answer them in private or make them public so other users could listen to them. It could be like a professor with the students or a psychologist with patients. Also, need users to be allowed to vote, like or rank questions and answers.

Is it possible to do these with Bubble?
I hope you guys get what I need, if not please ask me for more explanation.

Thanks and regards,

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Hey @creacionuruguay :wave:

Yes. Bubble should be able to handle both of these apps without an issue.

For the first one, I would probably have an option set for each of those user types and let them switch between those to view different screens. Then you can separate the flow for each. Just one way to do it. I’m sure there are many other ways to do this too.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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