New here. Bubble looks great, what's the general workflow?

Welcome to Bubble, good to see that we’re now up to @dan8. Perhaps I should change my username from @dan1 :stuck_out_tongue:

From my (slightly opinionated) process standpoint, I try to do a lot of work (planning) outside of Bubble at the outset of any project. (It’s good to remember that Bubble is one of the many tools in your arsenal of building a startup…not the only tool.

Bubble makes it too easy to build. So, for many, it’s tempting to start building right away and throwing more things at the canvas as you go.

So, step one is to validate that you have an idea worth tackling. Do not build your sketches in Bubble - otherwise you’ll be tempted to turn those “sketches” into the actual application.

Then, figure out what the baseline of your application is. I do this using my basic app skeleton document ( (Note: it’s not entirely intuitive for community use, the purpose is to determine: who are you building the app for, what it should accomplish, what data you need to capture to accomplish this and what the basic form should be.

My belief is that it is vitally important to get the right problem first, then define a reasonably good database structure to tackle that problem, then to figure out the general interface for how you will enable users to interact with your system.

Above all else, it’s good to have a fundamental understanding of how Bubble works and what it means to be a programmer (that just happens to be using Bubble). I think @keith’s comments here capture it quite well: More Bubble tutorials

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 15+ hours of Bubble tutorials and live coaching)