New here trying to get a article / story to be responsive

Hey I know this is a super newb question but figured I’d ask anyway. I made a blog post type teaser on the main index page with a button that you can click Read More. (I’m probably doing this wrong lol) When you click that button I made a new page called story1. That part is working fine navigating to the page from the button. On this page called story1 I have a picture at the top of the page for the story and a title underneath it and then the full story underneath that.

It seems like the main index page is responsive but my story1 page is not. I tried changing the container layout from fixed to column and align to parent but still no go. When I drag the responsiveness ruler my image and text don’t resize. Anything I could try? When I test it on my phone I have to move the screen around to read the text. I’ve figured out a lot of other stuff but haven’t gotten this issue yet. Cool product so far though.

Check the layout settings of all elements and verify if the width is not fixed or the min width is less than mobile.