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New how-to video on creating custom location search results

Hey everyone!

I recently posted a video tutorial that’s answered a lot of questions for students/clients and wanted to post it here for you all, too! :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick intro…

Have you ever used an app like Yelp or Tripadvisor, where you can search for any type of place or thing, then have a list of results show up, all related to said thing?

Say you searched for “restaurants” in New York City, and you got a list of restaurants, like “Amelie,” “Clinton Street Baking Company,” or “Upstate.”

Now, you don’t necessarily have to search for the exact names of those restaurants. Instead, you can use a general search term, and have a list of specific results show up.

This video lesson teaches you how to do something similar. It’s all about creating custom search results in your app.

Cheers, and happy building!


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Hello Gaby,

How do you set up a response to a repeating group search that ends up with no results?