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[NEW] In-Browser, No External API, FREE: PDF Document Signer

Hi Fellow Bubblers! Inspire is proud to release our second open-source/free plugin: PDF Document Signer! This client-side, in-browser, no external API plugin allows your users to sign PDF documents, all inside the browser (and it’s responsive!). We’ve even built out additional tools to help make a document signer (such as PDF Page Previews for repeating group / sidebar scrolling).

Even better, it works on mobile phones (tested on iPhone, but should do Android no problem)!! (1)

Developed by @mundosanchez1 and @nicholasrbarrow

Editor: PDF Document Signer | Bubble Editor
Run-Mode Demo:
Plugin Page: PDF Document Signer Plugin | Bubble


We released version 2.X.X as the beta release; versions prior to that had some major breaking changes and were internal alpha versions for us to test out. While we’ve done quite a bit of testing, we welcome as many bug reports and feature requests as possible to help us perfect the plugin for the Bubble community.

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Wait this is actually amazing…

This is currently still in beta you’re saying?

I will put this to use immediately and give feedback and most likely suggestions cause I’m picky :laughing:

Also another plugin idea: Take the PDF thumbnail feature and put it in it’s own plugin so we can save those to the database!


so good news! the outputted previews are base64 URIs, and if you save them to your database as a list of texts, you can actually set an image’s data source to a base 64 URI (i.e., one of the lists of strings) and display them later on in an image


This is pretty amazing. Does it work on mobile phones too?

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@J805 it does!!!

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Very cool. :raised_hands:

@inspire-labs I beg you to maintain this plugin, make it paid if you have to :laughing:

It seems like there’s not many settings to just set as default on the element? It’s mostly actions run on page load?

Also could you add to the suggestion list being able to customize pen stroke thickness?

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@tylerboodman just pushed version 2.1.0 to support this (and added to the demo)!

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With many thanks to @Thimo we were able to get the previews straightened out in the Editor (nothing changed in how this looks in the live version; new version released) to help make it easier to design with the plugin in the responsive engine (circuits for the Signer and Cogs for the Previewer):

Shout out to for providing the amazing repeating backgrounds under Creative Commons!