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{new launch} ScorecardX

I want to share my latest project!

We help you make employee management easier!

Take the guess work out of managing yearly raises or bonus incentives and make ongoing employee performance monitoring a breeze!

ScorecardX - Making Performance Reviews Easier | Product Hunt

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Upvoted in PH! Good looking app.

Best of luck with your project. :+1:t2:

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Weird, the direct link you provide to your bubble app does not work. But it works when connecting first your landing page.

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You’re right @Christophe_HK ! Sorry about that. I have updated the direct link. I hope to hear your thoughts on the app as well!

I forgot the rest of the url! :exploding_head::flushed:

THanks @cmarchan I appreciate your feedback!

If anyone wants to chat about wrapping apps in thunkable, HMU! I’ve been working on a wrapper plugin which is what I wrapped this with.

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