New Lead for Constuction Community Platform

I have a new lead that could be done in Bubble.

I would like to ask you if it’s possible.

It’s about a community platform for construction industry in Spain.

In one hand: PRODUCERS or TRADERS of construction products.


The platform should allow to:

  • Monthly subscription for each part.

  • Exchange of contact information between both parties.

  • Product catalog view of each producer/trader.

  • Construction projects publishment by the architects/constructors/users in order to let the producers/traders of the materials to bid with its products.

  • Frequent publishment by each party of content of interest, improving keywords, traffic and leads generation between both parties.

So far, there will not be any money transaction through the platform, but the creation of a community of the construction industry that matchmakes producers and buyers only for lead generation (it can’t be prices/quotations/orders in this industry because this industry is a war price and everything changes according to the specifications/quantities/season, etc…)

So far, with this functions:

Can this be done in Bubble?

What other things do you suggest we could add?

What do you think in general?

Thank you,

Javier Cohen Montoya.



Dirección: Carrer de la Garrotxa, 25-27, 08041, Barcelona, España.

Móvil y WhatsApp: +34 656 630 661



Yes, all sounds very doable on Bubble.

Not a “community” platform but something similar in the construction industry is this …

Built on Bubble of course :slight_smile:

Buenas Javier,
Todo lo que comentas es posible de hacer con Bubble. De hecho ya he visto alguna que otra plataforma similar a la que describes. (He trabajado en alguna hace un tiempecillo).

En general creo que has parado en una buena plataforma para lo que quieres hacer.
Da gusto ver a alguien de Barcelona por estos foros :partying_face:

Un saludo,