New: Mailchimp & Buffer Plugins + Free Landing Page Template

Hi everyone,

Quick update on a few new things published by Coaching Bubble (all free!):

Mailchimp Extended Plugin

  • Subscribe & Unsubscribe users to your lists (with first and last name fields!)
  • Add users to segments
  • Retrieve your lists
  • Retrieve your campaigns
  • Retrieve members in your list

Buffer Plugin

  • OAuth 2 provider so you can signup/login your users with their Buffer credentials
  • Retrieve connected profiles
  • Retrieve sent and pending updates
  • Send updates to up to 5 different profile queues
  • Schedule updates
  • Shuffle update order

Landing Page Template (desktop)

  • Free template with 6 different sections
  • Top bar navigation
  • Slideable menu from right
  • Several call to action buttons
  • Big Hero Image
  • Functioning signup/login, and reset password forms
  • Styled for and with dummy security product content, but this is a template - make it your own!


Gaby | Coaching Bubble


Excellent work - will test the buffer plugin - smart choice

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Awesome @romanmg! Thanks!

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Fantastic @romanmg. Quick question Gaby, and a little off topic but is there a way to send an email from users gmail account? I know airdevs has a gmail api connection setup on their site but it only allows users to view/search for emails, not send.

Thanks so much and keep up the awesome work.

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Thanks @bwvemma! Google’s Gmail API does have support for sending emails (, however, it looks like there’s a bit of encoding and formatting that needs to happen along with the request, which is a little more work to get together.

Hi @romanmg Thanks for this plugin! :slight_smile:
I’m trying to do something and can’t get it to work for 2 weeks now… would be amazing if someone could help.
my goal is to create a new user in my bubble app each time a new user subscribes to one of my mailchimp lists. When pulling a list of members via “Get list member member” it only pulls 10 random emails from this list - how can I pull all of them and sort them by th time they where added? from there creating a user shouldn’t be a problem.



I am attempting to use buffer to post (the details of a listing) to Facebook, however I am receiving the following error message:

Raw error from Buffer - Post Update: {
“error”:“The provided access token is invalid”,

Any idea what could be going wrong? I have reinputted the access token several times and even created a new app, but same message.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @romanmg!

I’m trying to add members to one of my list and I need to send additional data into my list’s merge fields (more than just First/Last name). Do you know how I can do that ?

I’m trying to do it with the API connector but I did’nt figure out the good parameters for that…

Thanks in advance!

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HI Gaby,

Not sure if it’s me but I’ve found it very difficult to implement the Mailchimp Plugin. I’m trying to create a newsletter list from an input in my app

First of all , does your plugin standalone or does it require the other Bubble Mailchimp plugin?

Secondly, I can’t seen to understand what needs to be populated in the ''Authorization shared header ‘’ section of the config. Does it want the API key?

Thirdly, in the workflow configuration, what doe sit require in (path) data_center?

Would be very grateful as I’m stuck



Hi @tomi.adegbenro,

Happy to help! First, the MailChimp Extended plugin works alone and does not need another plugin to function.

For the authorization and data center info, the plugin page actually has the instructions you need to fill those out:

Check that out and let me know if you’re still having trouble.

@romanmg - nice plugin!

I noticed that the ‘unsubscribe member’ call actually deletes an entry from a list instead of unsubscribing. Not sure if this is intentional, but I’d recommend changing the call to a ‘PATCH’ instead so you just change the status to unsubscribed:

Good call! I’ll make this change tomorrow and post back here when it has been updated. Thanks @rushabh :slight_smile:

Trying to find Segment ID in the console…
I am unable to figure out where to find the segment ID in the Mailchimp List console (ADD MEMBER TO SEGMENT). Trying to move a subscriber within a list to a segment. Q1: Can anyone point me in the right direction?

If I try to get segments ID via the extended API then…
When I use the extended plugin I can return a list of List IDs, if I try to return Segments IDs for a List by providing the list ID I get nothing back, although I have segments in the list. Q2: What could be the reason?

Hey @mente12, if you want to share your info with me in a PM, I can help you figure it out. Only thing I can think of is incorrect List ID when trying to get Segments from the plugin.

To find it in the Mailchimp console, it’s super tricky: right-click the name of the segment and paste that URL somewhere… you’ll see the segment ID. If you just click on the segment name , the URL will change on you to exclude the ID.

Try that.

Also @rushabh, so sorry the PATCH update dropped off my radar. It has now been updated.

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Great! Thank you Gaby (@romanmg) . Found the Segment ID in the link itself. The mail ape seems a bit tricky sometimes.

Very kind to answer so quickly. Thanks

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Get Segments list API calls works great too. Thanks…

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Thanks @romanmg !

Did your question get answered? I’m having the same issue.

Hi @maryfox20, the plugin has been updated with a new call so that you can insert your own custom merge tags. The action you want it “Subscribe Member with Custom Merge Tags”. You’ll be able to modify the code and add as many of your tags as you’d like.


Hi @romanmg

This is a really neat plugin and looks really straight forward to use. I am getting the following API error eventhough I have included my API key. I’ve been using the Bubble Mailchimp plugin with no issue, so I know how to add my API key, but I’m stumped now :frowning: