New: Mailchimp & Buffer Plugins + Free Landing Page Template

Hi @yasinta, make sure the value you enter in the plugin settings is “apikey [YOUR-KEY-HERE]”

For example, if my key was “1234567” then I would enter:

apikey 1234567

Still no joy :(, BUT I recreated your plugin using Bubble’s API Plugin and it works perfectly, so that’ll do me :slight_smile:

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I’m so baffled. I’m assuming I use the Api connector to input all the data. I’m trying to add users to the mailing list that’s all.

I’m really stuck. All I want to do is allow users to input their email and subscribe to my mailing list. I’m finding this extremely difficult.

Also the image above is the api connector input, not sure if this is what I should be using or the Mailchimp Extended input?

Please help!!!

Is there a reason you aren’t using the Mailchimp plugin? It’ll handle this for you, no API connector needed.

Use the Mailchimp Extended plugin! It simplifies everything for you. There are instructions on how to set it up here:

Hi @romanmg,

Could you please let me know how to setup the mailchimp extended authentication header correctly?

I’ve tried just the API key, and also added Basic but I’m still getting a 401 error each time for some reason…

What have I set up wrong?

Getting the same error - have you managed to find a way around this?

@romanmg do you have any advice on this?

Make sure you have the correct api key and the word “apikey” included…

So “apikey ACTUALAPIKEY” is the setup

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Hi @romanmg I’m trying to unsubscribe users from a list and subscribe users based on criteria on a weekly basis, but i’m not sure what to put in this field (path) subscriber_has?

Hi @Yvonne :wave:,

For the “subscriber_hash” field you should put in the lowercase email address value and use the :formatted as modifier to convert to MD5.

Example: "Input Email Address’s Value :formatted as MD5

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Thank you so much!

Hello everyone,
I am having trouble configuring the mailchimp plugin. However, I have followed the different steps with the API Key. Could you help me?