New major Bubble manual update: DATA

Hey all,

We’ve just a released another major update to the Bubble manual, this time focusing on the different kinds of data.

Bubble manual: DATA

We’ve continued to simplify the organization of articles, renaming the “Working with data” section to “Data”. We’ve also categorized the different types of data into three categories:

  • Dynamic (i.e. database things)
  • Static (i.e. Option sets)
  • Temporary (i.e. Custom states)

The manual continues to be the long-form version of the docs, and we’re working to make the distinction between it and the Core Reference (which is the more short-form technical documentation). The articles try to go in-depth to explain how to use different methods to handle data in Bubble, without repeating all the details laid out in the Core Reference.

As always, feedback is very welcome, and I hope you enjoy the update!


This is great!

I’d say you may consider incorporating another section for Temporary data for use of URL parameters and paths.


Thanks for the feedback @boston85719

URL parameters are there under Temporary data. In the current plans, paths is going in an upcoming section about navigation. But may make sense to include in both (URL parameters will be mentioned in both sections).


Great work, @petter.

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@petter Amazing work my friend!

Huge delivery for Bubble Community

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However, is it possible to transfer the terminology of things to tables?