New Mexico State Role Play | New | Hiring LEO & Staff & Fire/EMS | Whitelisted | Easy Applications

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Direct IP: Coming Soon

New Mexico based serious role-play community with our own custom CAD/MDT, Uniforms, and lots of awesome custom scripts. As well as an exciting, fun and welcoming experience even when not roleplaying.

We strive to make sure everyone is happy and having fun in the community and if there is an issue we get it fixed as fast as possible.

This community was built from the ground up by Owner Nick J. and Director Jake J. June 2020, and I’m very happy to see the extraordinary progress we have made getting this community up and out there.

We try to bring new things to the community as often as we can with hard working developers making new things all the time. We love feedback from our members to see what they would like in the community and we take that very seriously.

Here is some of the things NMSRP has to offer to you:


  • New Mexico State Police (NMSP)
  • Audrain County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO)
  • Audrain County Fire Department (ACFD)
  • Civilian Operations (CIV)
  • Communications (Control Room)

Please read below and see of you fit the requirements below

Requirements MUST be at least 13 years old, the day you apply MUST have a working and clear microphone MUST follow and agree to all community rules and guidelines MUST own a full, legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PC…

**So how can you join and play with us? Apply on our discord )
Thank you and hope to speak with you soon!

Community is Discord which your need.
If you want to apply for a Developer Position, DM me on discord:

Still hiring department heads.

I tried to join and I got kicked for some reason, can I get an invite back?

We got raided long story add me at Nick J.#6792