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New | Model| CAD | Graphic Design

I would like you Come and Join Models for sale.

What they do: They Specialize in creating models for any game they also specialize in Graphic Design

Why they Started: They started because the Owner Liked making models and want to publicize his work.

What they Have: They Have really good models and they also do graphic designing



Flex Designs

What we do: We are a CAD/MDT Development company. We also specialize in Web development and graphic design.

Why we started:
I started Flex Designs to give back to the communities that are out there. I also like making the products and made it into a business.

Some of are products:
Simplex CAD
Simplex CAD V2
Web Sites
And much more

Flex RP
Shark Solutions
Hadmodding group

How to get the MDT’s:
To get the CAD’s you have to go on are site and join are disord server. Go to ticket creation and create a ticket and tell us what products you want.