New Page/Tab for User Profile


I want that if I click on a member’s photo, his/her profile should open in a new browser tab. How can I do this?


See the solution in this post: External website in a new window

This solution has served me well. I thought it was worth mentioning. Add the profile images using HTML and set target=“_blank”.


Hi thanks but I am not looking for an external website. The user is registered at my site (made in bubble) and me being another user clicks on some other user’s profile image and their profile opens in a new tab in the browser. Can anyone help me with this?

Understood. The solution I provided above can do what you’re wanting. The address_to_external_page can be replaced with dynamic data (or even copy and paste your bubble app URL), as shown in the screen shot below. Similarly, the src for the image can also be dynamic data.


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