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New Parabola Pricing model

Parabola used to have a pretty shady pricing model, in that you got charged per “run” even if something didn’t work (and there are some bugs in the Bubble connector).

So you paid to fix their bugs.

Good news : these ad-hoc runs are now free.

Bad news : they have doubled the price of the lowest tpaid tier to $80 which is the only way to run something “daily” (and then on 5 runs).

If you want it hourly then it is $400 :flushed: :flushed: :flushed: :scream:

Shame, as it was a very useful tool.


Have you found an alternative?

Wow that’s a lot.

I guess more people will go to Integromat.

Not yet, busy looking. Any tips?

I don’t think Integromat can do that big bulk processing thing? I use Parabola to do a daily bulk update of Bubble data from a csv :thinking:

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Note … you can stay on your current credit level as a legacy plan, but you can’t change it without “upgrading” the plan.

Is your only goal to sync data or make some transformations too?

this looks interesting for the former…

I have a load of transformations and look ups from web scrapes.

So … I could just press a button every morning and save myself a lot of $. That would be free.

My current credits for the run are around $40 per month. That includes “adhoc” runs to fix stuff.

So doubled.

maybe hiring someone on fiverr to push the button is your best bet. Heck, you could setup a windows server to just wake up and push the button using autoit.

Here’s one with transformations, but price isn’t that great. EasyMorph | Pricing

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I know, that is the weird thing about the pricing change. Our daily flows do a lot of work for several apps so am happy to pay. But they are giving me thoughts of downgrading and doing it another way when would have kept giving them $.

The carrot for upgrading is 5 people on your " team" have access. Who has 5 people that need to mess with Parabola. If you are at that sort of team size, you would be happy to pay $400.

All a bit odd. And maybe this is the way it is done now - announce Pricing change and then wait for the howls.


I’ve only ever been using Parabola on an ad hoc basis anyway so I’m actually going from a $4/mo plan to a free one, I think :sweat_smile:

It’s a total lifesaver though for big gnarly imports that need a lot of manipulation before uploading to Bubble.

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Power Automate is awesome. If you already subscribe to Office 365 you can use it (at least that’s how it worked with my subscription).

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Hey what web scraper do you use? I was going directly from Parssehub to parabola, but it was so slow. Any recommendations? The level of complexity for the sites I have to scrape are around eBay and amazon levels.

I use Parsehub.

You can use their API directly into Bubble, which is nice.

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If you don’t mind me asking what level of membership do you have. I find there free platform extremely slow does it speed up?

It seems you guys are up to speed with Parabola and what it can do. I’m looking for a plugin that can manipulate (remove rows, rename columns / headings) in a Excel sheet and export as CSV back into Bubble. I did a quick test with Parabola and yes it is easy to setup and use. (I have not imported and exported to and from Bubble but I’m sure that will be easy enough).

Unfortunately the pricing is a bit crazy for me. (Maybe I should create a dozen of accounts to stay on the free plan🤔)

Any suggestions on an alternative? (I see Integromat has been mentioned. Will give it a go. But if I’m correct, Integromat can only work with MS Online? Can Integromat handle excel import from Bubble and start workflow? )