New PDF plugin - call for testers!


Please count me in, thank you

Hey mate. I’m building a law firm practice management tool - will be a heavy document producer. Keen to test if you can add me

I am also interested. I have sent you a PM.

Hey people, rolled out testing instructions and access. So FJP is the last one in for this stage. In case we need another testing session, I will update here!

Hi Vini,

I think you missed me. If you dont have more slots don’t worry.


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From now, working well! :slight_smile: Great product.

I’m also interested in this, was just searching for a PDF solution. Too bad missed last stage, please add me if any future slots. Thanks

Managing to create some quite complex tables so far - but cannot get the column headers to appear?

Is it too late? :cold_sweat::cold_sweat: love to test

I would love to test it!

Very cool that new plugins appear! I’m just in search of the perfect plugin to create a PDF for the project, it is interesting to participate in testing!

me too :slight_smile:

good on you mate looking forward to seeing the result


I’d love to test it out. My team has a project that would be a great test case.


Hi Vini,
I would be more than happy to test your plugin.
Kind Regards

Please put me on your beta list. This sounds great.

I have a real need for PDF and have used all Plugins and a coouple of paid ones too but none worked well so far. I also used them with Line-Breaker plugin combinations. Some of them will print as images which I dont prefer but compromised on that too.

I have a repeating group which could fetch 1 , 5 or 20 lines basing on user input. Each row could be just a line or 10 lines long. So its dynamic and user could generate 1 or 10 pages. I want this to be printed to be a PDF and gracefully page break when it comes to say 80% of a A4.

Can your plugin do that @vini_brito ? No one else can.


You would have to try and see if it fits to your use case, however the dynamic tables are an easy thing done by the plugin, and the plugin also puts margins on the document so the table (and any other element) won’t touch the page border. You can also specify custom margins individually (left, top, right and bottom) alongside pagebreaks and margins in the element itself, so there’s a lot of control available.

Even if someone wants zero margins so the elements get to touch the page border, that’s possible.

Upon release you’ll have the opportunity to try!

Sign me up then.

If you look at my previous posts for a quality PDF you will see the pain I been through for this. I can road-test and feedback you so ther is one really good plugin for this. If it works happy to give it a thumbs up on this forum as well.

When will it be out ?

Hello @vini_brito I’d be happy to help in testing. I have an app currently using another PDF plugin where I could easily test.