[New Plugin] 30 Unique Loader Animations - Sleek, Animated, Versatile. Elevate UX with vibrant, resizable, transparent, high-quality loaders

It is a versatile and feature-rich plugin designed to enhance your website or application with eye-catching animated loaders. This plugin utilizes the power of Lottie, providing you with 30 unique and captivating loaders to choose from. Each loader is carefully crafted to add a touch of creativity and dynamism to your user interface.

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Here are 6 of 30 loaders

Loaders Demo


Contains 30 Animated Loaders:

  1. Black Cat
  2. Circular Cat
  3. Infinity
  4. Colorful Drops
  5. Blue Circle
  6. Wiper
  7. Pulse
  8. Heart
  9. Music
  10. Shopping Cart
  11. Balls and Rings
  12. Message
  13. Delivery
  14. Heart Beat
  15. Hour Glass
  16. Crypto
  17. Spoon and Fork
  18. Pencil
  19. Calendar
  20. Wifi
  21. Burger
  22. Credit Card
  23. Blog
  24. Book
  25. Square
  26. Search
  27. Notification
  28. Services
  29. Email
  30. Loading

Transparent Background:
All loaders come with a transparent background, allowing seamless integration into various design styles and color schemes.

The loaders are designed to be easily resizable, ensuring flexibility in adapting to different screen sizes and resolutions without compromising quality.

Adjustable Speed:
Tailor the loading animation speed according to your preferences or the specific requirements of your project. Fine-tune the speed to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and user experience.

High Quality:
LottieLoaderPack guarantees high-quality animations, providing a polished and professional look to your application or website.

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Other 6 of 30 loaders